Four Seasons Health Care | Chairman's message
A photograph of Tim Hammond

A message from Tim Hammond, Chief Executive at Four Seasons.

As an expert care provider, we believe that it's our job to create resident experiences that are special every day. We try to do just that for all of the people who are entrusted to our care every day in our care homes across the country.

We take a lot of pride, as a team of care professionals, in caring for those people, supporting their families and helping make their experience of care a positive one.

So how do you make care special? Well, we believe it starts with having the right people in our homes to provide top quality care everywhere. We work hard to make sure we're recruiting the right people, and then work just as hard to keep them working with us, giving them a career pathway. We invest in training and development to give them the tools they need to make care special, and continually improve the care for residents.

We also work hard to understand what it is our customers and partners want - by better understanding their needs we consistently strive to meet them. For example, we know people living with dementia need specifically tailored, person-centred professional care when they come to live in a care home, delivered by empathetic, understanding and skilled teams. And that's what we deliver in our PEARL-accredited dementia specialist homes.

We have clearly set out what we promise to residents and their families - a promise that we'll do all we can to make care special, to keep people, their families and their community at the heart of all we do; and to understand what people need to be as happy and healthy as possible - and make sure they receive it.

For us providing consistently good care everywhere is something you have to constantly work hard at - it's about living our promises and delivering on them whilst growing, developing and investing to make sure we do.