Intermediate Care

It is our aim within Four Seasons Health Care to provide people with a positive alternative to hospitalisation be it avoidance of admission or to reduce the length of in patient stay. At Four Seasons Health Care we are committed to help build links between the public and independent sector and we continue to seek ways to develop Intermediate Care services and improve opportunities for rehabilitation.

A number of our homes throughout the UK contain small dedicated units within the care home that provide what is commonly called Intermediate Care. In some areas this is also referred to as step up or step down or rehabilitation care.

There are a number of situations where Intermediate Care is offered:

  • Where a person living in their own home suffers an illness that whilst not severe enough to necessitate the need for an acute hospital bed cannot manage for a short period of time in their normal place of residence
  • Where a person has been admitted to hospital but is no longer in need of an acute bed but is unable to return home to their normal place of residence
  • Alternatively a package of care may have been provided in a persons own home by a friend or relative that breaks down for a short period for example through ill health of the carer and an alternative place of care is needed whilst the carer recovers which otherwise would have resulted in a hospital admission.

In all of these cases we can offer a programme of care that will enable people to recover in pleasant surroundings, with appropriate care according to individual needs, prior to resuming independent living in their own home.

The average length of stay for patients with us so far has been three to eight weeks and over 95% of patients admitted from hospital for post operative rehabilitation have returned to independent living.

These short periods of stay with us are usually arranged through either a GP, a social worker or the Hospital referral team but can also be arranged privately.

During a persons stay we will ensure that they receive person centred care that is designed to meet all of their needs and not just the condition that they are currently being treated for.

We will work closely with the community team to provide occupational therapy, physiotherapy etc as assessed as being required.

We believe that such an alternative to hospital admission or prolonged hospital stays in a homely environment aids recovery and enables people to remain independent and living in their own homes longer.

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