Four Seasons Health Care | Rewarding better residential care

We always recognise the efforts made by our team for their outstanding care and support, but now you can show your appreciation too.

Has someone had a big impact on your life? Or is it the small kindnesses they've shown to a resident that deserve recognition? Nominate a member of staff for a ROCK (Recognition of Care and Kindness) award by completing the form below. Why not take a look at our previous winners?

Once the nominations have been checked and validated, the staff member you nominated will receive a specially inscribed paperweight, a letter from our chief executive, and a certificate of their achievement.

A presentation to mark their achievements is then held in the care home where they work.

Why not take a look at our recent winners?

Nominate someone for a ROCK award

Recent award winners

Here some recent testimonials about previous ROCK award winners:

Paul Stewart & Anne O'Neil (Rydal)

I have been Manager at Rydal since the end of November 2014 and during this time I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism of both members of staff, for the following reasons:
They consistently show compassion and empathy with clients and spend considerable time engaging with residents. They always speak to clients with respect and dignity and they both have a very nice manner in the way that they speak to clients. They carry out their roles with commitment and care and always put in the extra mile to meet the needs of residents. Whenever they are asked to do anything, nothing is too much trouble.
I feel very privileged to have them on our team and feel that they deserve some recognition for the exceptional way they carry out their role.

Lynne (The Lawns (Darlington))

During my many stays at the lawns I found that she would always have a laugh and a joke with me, she is kind and very supportive.

All Staff (Westroyd House)

Since Mum has been at Westroyd we have seen that nothing has ever been too much trouble when caring for those who live there. It is the little things that are done for her (and other residents) that I feel marks them out for special attention. One example is that Mum likes the coal effect fire in the lounge and gets unhappy when it isn't on. I have seen Debby not only put it on for her, but clear things out of the way so that she can see it better. This is just one example.
Everyone goes out of their way to make it feel like home and they try to make everyone feel as though they are at home. They work extremely hard and I know at times things for them are tough, but I just wanted you to know what a wonderful group they are. We feel very lucky that Mum is there.

All Staff (Midfield Lodge)

The team from Midfield Lodge are fantastic. They stay together, help each other, teach each other, communicating perfectly. I have been working with this special team for eight months now and I love it. They are also very caring and you will find a friend there, when you need one...

Barbara (Westroyd House)

Barbara who works at The Lodge specialising in Dementia care and training is an inspirational member of your staff. She has endless patience with all in her care. Her ability to respond to the different needs of each resident at the lodge, her sense of humour and her willingness to listen to family members truly makes her a special person.

Linda Lee (Earlsferry House)

Linda is the home manager at the Earlsferry House. She is more than worthy of that title and she puts in 100% into every minute, hour, day of the week. She has been a great support to me as I am broadening my horizons and learning more and more about dementia and patient centred care to fullest, potential allowing me to do more with my residents such as activities. There is no one more that's deserves this recognition than Linda kind regards Anne.

Chester Unit (Grove House)

The staff on Chester Unit, both the care staff and two nurses go to exceptional lengths to make families feel like they have done the right thing their relatives. Our father was on the unit and Laura and her team were outstanding in the care that not only he received, but also us as a family in his last days. He was looked after with care, compassion and dignity and we felt that they treated him like they would any of their own family member. They were all so supportive and reassuring and I could not recommend there team more highly, it was a pleasure to have known them all even under strained circumstances. I can only say thank you but that does not seem good enough.

Lorraine Lewis (Northlea Court)

Her care and compassion towards my mother and other residents.

Sue Mansfield (North Court)

Sue has always been exceptionally kind and caring towards my mother, Millie Allen. Sue really brings a smile to her face. Her help and attentiveness is much appreciated. A big thank you to her!

Dementia Care Staff (Downstairs) (North Court)

They reassure the residents with kindness and cuddles and treat them with dignity. My mother is very happy in North Court and she has been a lot less anxious, more relaxed and enjoys the many activities. Special thanks to carers Sarah, Dawn, Emily, Chloe, nursing staff, the activities lady, Sharon and the kitchen staff for their wonderful meals. Not forgetting the manager, Bill who is sometimes as hands on as a nurse.