Flu Vaccination

What is flu?

Everyone knows the name and people of often think that flu is much like a bad cold. But it’s not. Flu is a potentially serious illness for the older people in our care homes. It can also develop into even greater threats like bronchitis or pneumonia.

Flu is a very tricky virus, capable of developing new strains at any time. The World Health Organisation constantly monitors global flu activity and each year a new vaccine is produced to combat the latest expected strains. An annual vaccination is the only way to keep protection as up to date as possible


Residents, colleagues and all visitors – together is by far the best way to fight the threat of flu.


Many of the Four Seasons care home residents are over 65 and a significant number also have long-term serious health conditions. This can make a flu infection especially dangerous – perhaps leading to a stay in hospital, permanent disability or even death. As a virus, flu does not respond to antibiotics so careful avoidance is the only protection.

That’s why at Four Seasons we’re asking everyone in our homes to get together and fight the flu, helping to keep residents safe from the virus this winter.


There are two main ways to fight flu spreading

Anyone carrying the virus (whether they have symptoms or not) can transfer it simply through a cough or sneeze, or by touching a surface like a door handle. So how is Four Seasons helping fight the spread of flu?


Getting vaccinated

First and foremost we want to encourage all residents and care teams to accept a free flu vaccination. Residents can receive this in the home and many of our colleagues will be entitled to a free flu vaccination via their GP; but for those who are unable to have a free vaccination, we are arranging vouchers again this year to cover the cost of the vaccination at Boots. Relatives, friends and visitors can ask their own GP about vaccination.


Regular hand hygiene

Whenever people enter or leave a care home as a care team member, professional or visitor, they should always follow our hand hygiene code.

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