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Four Seasons Care Awards

Celebrating those who are Making A Difference

After the success of the very first Four Seasons Care Awards, we are back to celebrate our colleagues. Who would you like to see as your new Four Seasons Champions? Our care awards are your opportunity to recognise those throughout the company who are passionate and committed to providing special experiences for our residents every day.

Care Assistant/Support Worker

This award recognises the vital role of the care assistant or support worker in ensuring the care experience of residents is a positive one. The winner will show how they understand what is important to individual residents and how they strive to personalise care delivery.

Senior Care Assistant

This award recognises the hard work and dedication of a Senior Carer who takes charge of a unit/home when required. As well as ensuring a resident’s care needs are met, their wants and wishes fulfilled, this person should also be able to demonstrate how they lead their team and encourage them to Make a Difference.

Care Home Assistant Practitioner/Senior Nursing Care Assistant (CHAP/SNCA)

This role reflects the changing care needs of residents and has provided our most promising Carers with the opportunity to develop their skills and career with us. The winner of this award will have embraced the role, supporting the Registered Nurses in their home to meet a range of clinical needs to enhance the resident experience.

Registered Nurse

This award recognises a Registered Nurse who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, to make a difference to the daily experience of those in their care. In addition to clinical and managerial qualities, the winner will demonstrate a high level of dedication to the people they care for.

Dementia Care Champion

This award recognises an individual who has championed the values of our approach to dementia care. The winner will be able to demonstrate a passion for dementia care and how they have gone the extra mile to make a difference to the lives of residents living in our homes with dementia.

Specialist Services Champion

This award recognises the diverse range of services many Four Seasons’ homes provide (enduring mental health, learning disabilities, intermediate care, end of life care etc). The award will be presented to an individual who has championed and developed these services, whilst demonstrating their dedication to, and advocacy for, the people they care for.

Personal Activities Lead Champion

Activities can help to keep our residents young at heart. This award will recognise the vital role our Personal Activities Leaders play in providing a wide range of meaningful activities based on the likes and dislikes of current residents in their home. The winner will be able to evidence activities that interest and stimulate the physical and mental well-being of our residents to provide special experiences within our care.

Support Team Member

This award recognises the contribution made by our many support services to the experience of care within our homes. As such, this award is open to anyone in a supporting role within a care home, from teams such as housekeeping, catering, maintenance, and administration. The winner will have to evidence a high level of support to colleagues, residents and families through their everyday tasks, alongside their commitment to development and their attitude to Making a Difference.

Regional and Central Support Team Member

Behind the scenes of any care home is a team of people providing support across a range of functions, including Resident Experience, Finance, IT, Recruitment, HR, Procurement, Risk Management, Dementia care, Estates, Health & Safety, Administration, Training, Business Development and Marketing. This award recognises the important contribution these individuals make on a day to day basis to help ensure the smooth running of our homes and a positive experience for our residents.

Deputy Home Manager

This award recognises the outstanding work and continued commitment of a Deputy Home Manager, who has assisted in the day to day running of the care home. As well as ensuring residents have a positive experience of care and their needs are well met, the winner will demonstrate how they support the Home Manager and help them lead the team at the home.

Registered Care Home Manager

This award will be presented to a Registered Care Home Manager who demonstrates exceptional skills in the complex business of managing a care home. Alongside leadership skills to develop their team, the winner of this award will have embraced initiatives such as Quality of Life, Dementia Care Framework and CHESS, as well as ensuring consistently good care to meet the changing needs of residents whilst delivering resident and family satisfaction and effectively managing external stakeholders.

Regional Manager

This award will recognise the Regional Manager who has gone the extra mile to support all colleagues working within the homes in their region. The winner will demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and the ability to balance the day to day priorities of this role. Embracing initiatives such as Quality of Life, Dementia Care Framework and CHESS, this person will have supported their homes to achieve the company’s strategic priorities whilst effectively managing external stakeholders and having the experience of residents as their focus.

Resident or Relative Contribution

This award recognises the special contribution residents and their relatives make to our homes on a daily basis. This award will be presented to an individual who has helped to ensure the care home reflects the interests and needs of the residents living there and is a happy place to live.


The contribution that volunteers make to the lives of those living with us cannot be underestimated. To recognise this contribution, this award will be presented to an individual who freely gives their time to make a difference to others. Judges will be looking for someone whose energy has a positive impact on the lives of the residents in one of our homes. Their caring approach will bring a little joy to everyday experiences.

Our Values Champion

Our Values show how we approach our work at Four Seasons - We know what we do is important so we work together to bring a little joy to everyday experiences, whilst striving to always be Respectful, Trusted, Caring and Making A Difference. The winner of this award will be an individual who consistently lives by these values on a daily basis.

Care Awards Rules for Entry

All entries must be received by 5pm on 30th September 2017

1. Who can nominate? Anyone connected with Four Seasons and our care homes - colleagues, residents, relatives, health and social care professionals and friends of our homes

2. Who can be nominated? A nomination can be made for any individual working/volunteering for Four Seasons Health Care.

3. Before you nominate

  • Read the details for the category you are entering to check what the judges will be looking for
  • Entries are treated in the strictest confidence
  • When nominating an individual for multiple categories, please complete a separate entry for each category
  • How to nominate • Nominations can be made via the iPads in each of our care homes, via the Four Seasons Health Care website - www.fshc.co.uk - or the Happy Platform
  • Choose the category for which you want to nominate an individual • Please complete the questions within the entry form

4. Submitting your entry

  • All entries must be received by 5pm on 30th September 2017.
  • Any entries received after the deadline will not be accepted due to the complexity and time constraints of processing.

5. Judging process

  • Four Season’s Regional Managers will select a finalist in each category for their region.
  • Four Season’s Regional Managing Directors will select the Regional Winners for each category in their region.
  • Regional Winners will have the opportunity to discuss their nomination with a panel from the Leadership Team who will decide on the national winners in each category.
  • All Regional Winners will be invited to a special awards ceremony where the National Winner in each category will be announced.


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