Lil and Laverne

Lil and Laverne have stacks of fun making pancakes

At The Court Care Home in Northern Ireland, resident Lil and Personal Activities Leader Laverne have a very warm and close relationship. Lil has been a resident since 2015, while Laverne joined Four Seasons 17 years ago, starting her career as a Care Assistant.

Both are from the local area, Lil is from Bushmills while Laverne is a country girl. One day they were reminiscing about different hobbies and interests when they discovered that Lil was a very good baker and in particular, loved using the griddle for making pancakes.

That’s when Laverne decided to add ‘Pancake Tuesday’ to the activities in the home. Every week Laverne makes pancakes for all the residents, carefully overseen by Lil. They have been experimenting with different fillings and toppings such as stewed apples, blueberries, raspberry and white chocolate which are a hit with the residents.

Pancake Tuesday is also great for the dementia community at The Court as baking stimulates residents’ sense of smell, taste, touch and sight, which can spark memories.

Hear more from Lil and Laverne in the video below - and how on a Tuesday, the pancakes will disappear as quickly as they can make them!

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