Pauline and Dee

Activity fans Pauline and Dee take a trip down memory lane

At The Regency Care Home in Manchester, resident Pauline and Personal Activities Leader (PAL) Dee share a lovely bond and enjoy a range of fun activities at the home. 

Pauline is a very social person and has lots of visitors coming to see her, including her four sons. She loves to get involved in the activities organised by PAL Dee and enjoys trying new things.

Here, Pauline and Dee chat about some of the activities they have enjoyed with the other residents in the home, including a Royal Wedding party, trips to the pub, arts and crafts and a hat day with afternoon tea.

The pair also flick through Pauline’s Me and My Care My Choices booklet - a personal scrap book for  each resident with all the things that make them smile - including memories, photos and souvenirs to prompt conversation. As both Pauline and Dee are also from the local area so they have lots in common and often chat about things going on in the area.

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