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Me and My Care

Homes filled with stories

We’re proud of the fact that our homes are more than just places of care and everyday living support. They’re also thriving communities in which each person feels part of the life of the home, knowing their voice is always heard.

Every resident has their own story. And we love to listen

Listening to our residents is one of the most important things we do each day, so that we can truly get to know them. We explore people’s different characters, likes and dislikes. And we always pay special attention to people’s stories ─ because places filled with stories and warmth are places that everyone is happy to call home.

Shared stories create a new sense of belonging

When each new resident arrives in one of our care homes they become part of a new circle that includes not only their own family and friends but also other residents, our nurses, carers and support team. It’s the blending of all these relationships that helps to fill each resident’s daily experience with new friendships, good company and a sense of family.

The start of a new chapter

For some people, accepting that they need the support of a care home in later life can be a difficult time, not only for them but also for their family and friends.

We understand their concern

For many years that person will have enjoyed independence, perhaps bringing up their own family and enjoying the challenges of being a parent and a grandparent. It’s only natural for people to worry that once they’re being cared for by others, the richness of life will begin to pass them by.

At Four Seasons we’re dedicated to helping our residents see things differently. To recognise that a new and special life experience with good company and new friendships can still be theirs to enjoy.

Rather than being ‘in a home’ our residents simply feel ‘at home’

This is how the door to a new and enjoyable life chapter can open. It’s also the time when a person’s friends and loved ones can breathe a small sigh of relief that an important bridge has been crossed.

How the story unfolds for our residents


We are here to talk you through each step of the process

  • STEP 1: We help people begin their story by picturing the perfect kind of care for them

    This is where our understanding each resident begins, by recognising that each person has different needs and preferences, and that some homes offer a more appropriate answer than others.

    By continually listening we can help residents and their families to make the right choice of home by giving them a clear and honest understanding of the type of support they’re likely to need now and in the future – perhaps linking up with a wider expert team that may include the person’s own GP or social worker, for example.

    Finding the home that feels just right

    Everyone chooses a place to live as much with their heart as they do by ‘ticking the boxes’. The same is true when people choose a care home. That’s why we make sure our prospective residents and their families can visit all their Four Seasons options for a leisurely look around and all-important chats with team members, current residents and their families

    Then, once that choice is made, the story can continue… 

  • STEP 2: We start building friendships with our residents even before they move in

    While some like to let us know all their wants and wishes immediately, others prefer to leave some of those conversations for another day. Either way is fine. There’s no hurry.

    Getting to know you…

    Using technology specially created by our own experts, we begin to record and store important information like a person’s medical needs, care needs and any special dietary requirements. Once we have the basics to prepare us for a resident’s arrival, we then go on to understand the person behind the needs.

    Getting to know things about you…

    Exploring people’s wants and wishes helps us to understand all the things that makes a person who they are. Their likes and dislikes, the people, places and things that matter most in their lives. Their memories, their concerns, their hopes. The things they enjoy doing.  Sharing that story begins during their first assessment and continues after they have moved into their chosen home.

    Everyone’s story is special in its own way

    That’s why our team members take care not only to listen but also to capture every little detail within our system.

    Stories we love to share

    Information that we gather about our residents is shared with the team in the home and supported by our unique digital system. In this way, our technology helps whole teams get to know each new resident very quickly and very well, so that every conversation becomes more meaningful, helping that person to feel a valued part of their new extended ‘family’.

    We love to share our own stories too

    This allows residents to quickly get to know the people who are caring for them, hearing all their latest news and chat. That way, every resident feels completely involved in their home’s busy daily life, making new friends and enjoying good company all through the day. 

    A successful move is all in the preparation…

  • STEP 3: Our Home to Home Promise

    Helping to start the new chapter in someone’s story is all part of Me and My Care

    Moving to a new place can be stressful at any stage in life. So it’s hardly surprising that this is one of the greatest single points of concern for our residents, their family and friends.

    That’s why we’ve used our years of experience to create our Home to Home Promise. It’s a seamless package of guidance and practical support that we believe will really help to put people’s minds at rest – allowing everyone to focus less on the challenge and more on the pleasant days to look forward to. 

    There’s more information about our Home to Home Promise here

    Time to enjoy daily life in a Four Seasons care home…

  • STEP 4: Every day, another conversation, another story

    Each of our care homes is a community in its own right and, as in all communities, it’s the little human contacts that make life special. For some, it’s sharing a bit of news and gossip over a cuppa. For others, it’s reminiscing about days gone by in the local area and the changes people have seen.

    Every voice matters

    Being part of the daily conversation with the team and with other residents helps people feel at home – our teams love to encourage everyone to get involved, including of course families and friends whenever they visit.

    A common concern among people in their later years is that their opinions are no longer taken seriously. That’s certainly not the case at Four Seasons.  Every single resident is empowered to suggest changes to any detail of their care whenever they want to.

    When residents point out a problem, we listen

    If a resident is less than happy about any aspect of their care then all they have to do is tell us about it using one of the iPads provided – or a member of staff will be happy to  do it for them. It could be anything from how nursing care is given to whether or not a person wants the rind cut off their bacon at breakfast.

    Comments go directly to the home manager

    Action will then be taken immediately to change things. What’s more, each home’s performance in listening to residents and fixing any issues is monitored at the highest management level within Four Seasons.

    We don’t just welcome residents’ opinions

    We are also open to family and friends, to visiting medical and other professionals and to our own team. If anyone sees an opportunity to further improve the standard of care we provide, we give them every opportunity to let us know about it. 

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