Our Services

Four Seasons is the largest independent social-care provider in the United Kingdom, with expertise in working with and supporting people with a range of complex needs.

We provide care homes for older people with nursing needs; and both residential and nursing care homes for people with dementia. We have services that can support people at different stages of their life, and we work with people throughout their care pathways to ensure we provide the right care at the right time in the right environment.

We also provide care and support services for people with long-term neurological needs, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and mental-health needs.

In some parts of the UK, including Northern Ireland, we provide expert services for people with more specific types of dementia and mental-health needs, including early-onset dementia, services for people with dementia who have complex behaviour-support needs, and alcohol-related dementia support. Our mental-health services support people with both organic and functional mental-health needs, and our younger-adult services work with people with long-term, life-limiting conditions, including Huntington's disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), and motor neurone disease (MND).

Across the UK we provide a number of out-of-hospital care services for older people, which offer an alternative to an admission into an acute-medical hospital bed. We also offer rapid or accelerated discharge from an NHS hospital bed once a person is medically stable. These services are referred to as intermediate, or step-up/step-down care. We can provide reablement, and rehabilitation in these services - to enable people to regain their confidence, emotionally and physically; to support them with regaining independence; and to assist them back to their own homes in the community as soon as possible, with the appropriate support from adult services or community teams.

  • Residential Care

    Residential care can support the needs of professionals by providing care settings where an individual's everyday needs are met, and where a person's care experience is the focus. Four Seasons care homes offering residential care are skilled at supporting individuals who may be at the beginning of their care journeys, and those returning from hospital or a more acute setting who are seeking a skilled environment for reablement before going home.

  • Nursing Care

    Four Seasons nursing homes deliver 24-hour, seven-days-a-week, nursing care and support from qualified and experienced RGNs, RNLDs and RMNs. These homes can support those with basic nursing needs through to people with more complex health problems, including, for example, those requiring support with PEG feeding or an IV.

  • Dementia Care

    Our new approach to dementia care is a unique step forward in the personalisation of care for those living with dementia.

    Four Seasons Health Care have been award winning leaders in dementia care for many years. Now, we have evolved our renowned PEARL dementia programme to deliver dementia care services that focus on the individual's experience of care.

    Our new approach combines high levels of support and training for our teams with cutting edge technology to represent next-generation dementia care but it is certainly not for the privileged few.

    Through our Dementia Care Framework, a new consistent standard of care is available to those living in our dementia units. We are currently rolling out our new Dementia Care Framework across all our homes throughout the UK.

  • Safe Discharge Beds

    Our Safe Discharge Beds service is designed to avoid crisis points in local healthcare by reducing delayed transfers of care to acute and community hospitals, especially during the winter months.

    To meet demand and assist as much as possible we have introduced our 24-hour Safe Discharge Beds service that enables professionals across England to find bed availability quickly and easily in safe, high quality care homes.

    Our fully qualified nursing teams are ready to carry out rapid assessments of a person’s needs and future care requirements and complete admissions within just a few hours of assessment.

  • Intermediate Care

    We have considerable experience in developing and delivering innovative out-of-hospital care models for older people, and people with dementia, through close working relationships with local health and social care commissioners. This enables our services to be part of local integrated care pathways.

    Our expertise is focused on reducing unplanned admissions and hospital stays, by both preventing admissions and allowing early discharge from acute hospitals, and mental health assessment and treatment facilities.

    We can do this by:

    • Shifting high-quality care closer to home, from acute to community settings
    • Providing sub-acute community assessment and rehabilitation beds out of hospital
    • Preventing admissions from care homes into acute hospital beds or treatment facilities
    • Providing end-of-life/palliative care outside of a hospital
    • Supporting care pathways for people with long-term conditions
    • Improving quality of life and health, and promoting choice and more personalised approach to care management and wellbeing

    Our range of intermediate care services can help move medically stable people out of hospital and into a care home where their needs are met. We can offer beds for recovery and re-enablement based on the following criteria:

    • Someone requires a longer period of recovery following an acute phase of hospitalisation
    • A long-term decision is not certain, for example where there is an opportunity for fuller recovery and improvement to a person's independence
    • The individual, and possibly their family, has lost confidence in the person's ability to return home safely
    • A review of the options available hasn't yet been explored due to the need for early discharge from hospital

    Some statistics from one of our integrated step-down care models in action:

    • Fully integrated multi-disciplinary team with local community team occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and social workers working with Four Seasons nurses, care and support workers
    • Thirty beds under contract since 2012
    • High success rate in achieving positive outcomes, with 66% of people returning directly home with no need for any further rehabilitation
    • Average length of stay - 50% of people, 7 days; remaining 50%, from 8 to 14 days
    • Sixty per cent of patients with pressure sores at the point of admission, reduced to 20% on discharge
    • Numbers of patients with continence problems halved from admission to discharge, from 66% on admission to 33% on discharge
  • Short Stay and Respite Care

    All of our homes can provide flexible short-stay or respite care options for those who do not need permanent care. Some of our homes offer day care, where a person can come and enjoy the facilities - such as a hot meal or a bath in a safe setting - before returning home.

    This flexibility offers peace of mind for people and their families, knowing the safety net of their local home is there if needed.

  • Palliative Care

    Our teams are skilled in assisting families and their loved ones as they move through their care journey towards the end of life. We fully understand the emotional impact this time can have on everyone involved.

    Teams within our care homes are able to sensitively support and advise families, while also ensuring people are comfortable and always treated with dignity and respect.

  • Care Pathways

    We will work with social workers, care managers, CHC assessors and other local professionals to source safe, good-quality care.

    Many of our homes offer a range of services, allowing a person to move along their own care pathway or journey. This could include moving from residential support to nursing care, or into a specialist dementia area of the home if required.

    To ensure individualised care planning and support, and to allow the needs and choices of a person and their families to be met, every individual's care needs are thoroughly assessed before they come to a Four Seasons care home, and then regularly reassessed during their stay.

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