Our Vision and Values

Our vision and values guide the words, actions and choices of our people; are demonstrated in the residents experience of the care we deliver and the environment we work in; and drive the performance and culture of our company.

Our Values were established by our people through feedback from colleague surveys and conferences.


Our Values

We know what we do is important so we work together to bring a little joy to everyday experiences, whilst striving to always be:

We treat residents and others as we want to be treated, with courtesy and dignity; showing respect in the way we communicate; involving and including people, respecting differences sensitively and professionally.

We have a culture of trust. We open our doors, as we are proud of the special experiences we provide to residents. We act with integrity in everything we do.

We demonstrate our caring nature through our words, actions and choices. It is at the forefront of our hearts and minds. We give confidence and belief to others that we care.

We go the extra mile, to say or do something special. We notice the little details that makes us all unique. We have pride in ourselves for our own personal development.

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