Quality and Regulation

One of our core beliefs is that care is something we do with and for people, not "to" them. We properly assess the needs of each person before they come to stay, and continue to assess their needs on a regular basis so we can always provide the most appropriate care.

There are a number of ways we measure the quality of care provided in our homes, both internally and externally.

Our aim is to achieve the following standards in all our care homes:


• Maintain people's privacy, dignity and independence
• Involve people in decisions about their care, treatment and support
• Help residents understand their care, including providing the right information about it
• To be respectful and considerate to everyone at all times
• Encourage residents to care for themselves where possible, so they maintain their independence for as long as possible
• Help people decide how they want to live their life
• Encourage residents and their families to be involved in how the home is run
• Make sure we know people's wishes in terms of their care, review them regularly, then act on them if needed

We also have an internal quality team who look at aspects of health and safety, training, standards and other aspects of day-to-day care.


External measures

There are regulatory bodies in the UK that conduct inspections and give care homes quality ratings. In England, our homes are inspected by the Care Quality Commission and in Scotland by the Care Inspectorate. 

You'll find links to the latest regulators' reports on individual care home pages. Or you can contact the regulators:

England: Care Quality Commission

Scotland: Scottish Care Inspectorate    

Safety and Quality

Four Seasons has integrated governance and quality-performance management systems and procedures, with data relating to services being reviewed at unit level and regional level, and reported centrally so it can be analysed and compared across all homes. This allows us to identify emerging trends, areas for improvement or training needs, and to share learning and best practice.

Central to ensuring the effectiveness of our policies, procedures and quality-assurance systems are the group medical director, and the heads of clinical standards and compliance for our care homes. To support compliance at a regional level, we have employed an increased number of regional quality auditors/managers, clinical-quality facilitators, and training coordinators who can support staff in improving their skills.

All significant incidents, safeguarding referrals, embargoes, complaints, regulatory concerns or non-compliance across our care homes are notified in real time to the relevant managing director, and escalated to the chairman and chief executive.

A weekly report is circulated to the senior-management team and board members, and considered at our senior-management team meetings so we can determine appropriate actions at a strategic level.


Providing feedback or raising a concern

Your feedback helps us see and understand what we are doing well, and where we can make improvements. To provide feedback on any of our homes, or to raise a concern please click here.

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