A Fundamentally Different Approach to Dementia Care

Our new approach to dementia care is a unique step forward in the personalisation of care for those living with dementia.

Four Seasons Health Care have been award winning leaders in dementia care for many years. Now, we have evolved our renowned PEARL dementia programme to deliver dementia care services that focus on the individual's experience of care.

Our new approach combines high levels of support and training for our teams with cutting edge technology to represent next-generation dementia care but it is certainly not for the privileged few.

Through our Dementia Care Framework, a new consistent standard of care is available to those living in our dementia units. We are currently rolling out our new Dementia Care Framework across all our homes throughout the UK. To be kept updated as homes become accredited in your area, go to Dementia Care Updates

dementia care brochure

Our Approach to Dementia Care

The fundamental components of our approach to dementia care are:

1. Resident and Family Charters

2. Ongoing Personal Care Reviews

3. Colleague Support and Training

4. Accreditation

Resident & Family Charters

Our new Charters demonstrate our commitment to provide special resident experiences.

They were co-produced with over 400 comments and suggestions from current residents, family members, professionals and colleagues.

dementia care resident charter

family charter for dementia care homes

Continuous feedback from residents, family and friends and visiting professionals is encouraged via our iPad system which immediately alerts the Home Manager as part of our Find and Fix approach.

Ongoing Personal Care Reviews - It always begins with the resident.

Our dementia care always begins with the resident. Our fully tracked audit process and ongoing feedback are at the heart of our approach to dementia care. This pioneering technology ensures a standard of care based on the resident experience and is checked against 320 externally recognised standards, including NICE Guidelines and Alzheimer’s Society best practice guidance.

Personal care reviews start with the resident’s input or an observational tool where more appropriate. Capturing each individual resident’s choices, preferences, wants and wishes, it is uniquely linked to feedback we consistently encourage from residents, their family or visiting professionals, using convenient iPad terminals we provide.

The first personal care review is completed within two weeks of a new resident’s arrival and this forms the basis for our on-going individual review of that person’s experience with us.

Colleague Support & Training

We have a whole home approach to the support and training our teams receive for dementia care – this goes far beyond specialist training only for home managers and unit leads.

80% of the training in our homes is carried out in person to ensure everyone gets the fullest understanding of what it’s like to live with dementia.

dementia care training

Everyone is encouraged to participate in The Dementia Experience which simulates the sensory, cognitive and emotional elements of living with dementia. Our commitment to a better understanding of dementia throughout the organisation is demonstrated in the fact that our Senior Leadership Team and shareholders have participated in The Dementia Experience and we are committed to all colleagues having the opportunity to participate regardless of their role in the organisation.

Our Dementia Care Framework pinOur Dementia Care Framework Plaque


Only when a home has achieved key standards does it receive an accreditation for the quality of its dementia care.

These key standards include:

  • Personal Care Reviews for all residents undertaken and any actions completed
  • All actions from feedback and audits completed
  • All team training and support undertaken
  • The physical environment assessed and confirmed as appropriate for dementia care


In 2017, Four Seasons Health Care began a partnership with Active Minds.

This partnership puts activities in the spotlight, explores how specialised products for people living with dementia, enhances experiences and supports those living with cognitive, dexterity and visual challenges to remain engaged and active.