Denise Hyden’s Profile

I love to

Walk my two dogs on the beach - it's my favourite place to blow away some cobwebs.


I have been a Home Manager for two years now. I started in care when it was Quality Care Homes as a Care Assistant over 20 years ago. I still love what I do - making our resident's lvies richer. I have a number of qualifications in care and I'm currently doing a Level 5 Management course. I still learn every day in my role - you're never too old to learn!

I am passionate about

As a Home Manager, I am passionate that our residents remain to follow their dreams whatever they may be and remain to have the best quality of life along with their loved ones.

What I like about working for FSHC

I like working for Four Seasons Health Care as they aim to provide good care and provide good training opportunities for the teams. It is their goal that residents are provided with the care and love they deserve.