Feedback & Complaints

Four Seasons Health Care is committed to being an open and transparent organisation and we appreciate all feedback on our care homes. Whether you want to thank us for our care and support or suggest any improvements, your compliments or complaints are always welcomed.


If you think that we are doing something well then please let us know. We can use your feedback to make our services better. Please let a member of the team know the details or you can email

Concerns and Complaints

Four Seasons Health Care is committed to being an open and transparent organisation and we appreciate all feedback on our care homes. Our care home colleagues work very hard to get the job right but we appreciate that things can go wrong. If you are unhappy with the treatment or service you have received from the care home then you are entitled to make a complaint, knowing that it will not affect your current or future care, that you will be treated confidentially and sensitively, and that you will receive a response from us.

Local Resolution

We would recommend that all concerns should initially be raised with the person in charge or Home Manager. Most issues can be resolved immediately but if not then you should submit your concerns to the home with specific details of what has gone wrong, and what you would like us to do about it.

On some occasions we understand that people may find it difficult to raise a complaint with the people involved in their care. If this is the case, you can raise your complaint with the local Regional Office - their contact details will have been provided in your welcome pack. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss the issue with someone at our Head Office then please email

Your complaint will be acknowledged within three working days and it will be agreed with you how we will communicate the response to your complaint. We aim to complete any investigation and provide you with a response within twenty working days but if for any reason we require some more time then we will discuss this with you as soon as possible.

Internal Review

If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, please let us know so that we can discuss any concerns with you under local resolution. You can either contact the investigator for your complaint or the Regional Manager. We will endeavour to resolve any outstanding issues with you to your satisfaction.

Independent Review

If you remain dissatisfied following local resolution then you can refer your complaint to the appropriate regulatory Ombudsman for them to conduct an independent review. Contact details of the relevant Ombudsman information will be provided with your complaint response. If your care is arranged and paid for by the Local Authority, Clinical Commissioning Group or Health Trust you can also refer your complaint to the appropriate organisation.

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