I love to

I like to spend my spare time at the gym joining in Zumba and Boogie Bounce.


I have worked at Grosvenor Park since the home first opened in 2004. I was a Care Assistant when I first came to Grosvenor Park and I have worked my way up the ladder to become the Home Manager. I completed my level 5 diploma in 2016.

I am passionate about

I am passionate about Grosvenor Park and like to make a difference to the lives of all the residents. I do my best to enable the residents to continue to maintain any interests they had before moving into Grosvenor Park. We have recently completed the Dementia Care Framework and this is enabling the team and myself to enrich the lives of our resident’s that are living with dementia. The DCF has helped us look at the person and not the dementia. We are now very focused on ensuring that we find out what our residents can and want to do at this time of their life.

What I like about working for FSHC

I enjoy working for FSHC as I feel I am supported to live the company’s values of being respectful, trusted, caring and making a difference. By living these values I am able to give the residents and staff the best of everything.