I love

I love spending time with my family when I am not working. I have two children and four wonderful grandchildren, between the ages of 1 and 16, who keep me on my toes and empty my bank account! We all enjoy days by the sea, family meals and holidays together.


I started working in the care industry when I was 20. I stopped working in care when I had my children but returned to care in 1986 where I now have worked my way up to Home Manager.

I am passionate about

I am passionate about the people who live and work in Murdoch House Care Home. My team make a difference to the lives of our residents and they all support the resident’s families and each other.

What I like about working for FSHC

I've worked for Four Seasons Health Care since 2006, firstly as a deputy manager then I became a Home
Manager in 2008. Things are always changing and improving within in the Care
sector but to me the most important thing is the high quality of care we

Murdoch House is our resident’s home, the staff and I are privileged
to work here.