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Dementia Care

A Fundamentally Different Approach to Dementia Care

When a person lives with dementia some things might change, but not everything has to. That’s why, instead of focusing on the things a person can no longer do, we always explore the capabilities they still have. The things that can still make them smile.

Whilst every resident’s experience of dementia is different and we plan our individual care plans accordingly, there are two broad types of dementia care provided by our dementia homes.

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Residential or Dementia Nursing?

Some people who live with dementia have no other serious health problems but do need round-the-clock support with everyday activities such as washing, dressing, eating and staying on top of regular medication. Residential dementia support is often appropriate for these residents.

Dementia nursing is provided to those residents who also have underlying long-term medical conditions and/or physical disabilities. To be sure these residents have the best of care our own nursing teams are supported by a visiting local GP, while each person’s individual care is planned under the supervision of a consultant from a nearby hospital.

Our Dementia Care

It begins by getting to know the individual behind the dementia. We take time to get to know their personal stories, understanding their likes and their dislikes. Because, when someone is well known by everyone around them, they begin to feel they belong. And that can often help people to settle into their new home more quickly.

Our teams understand how living with dementia can feel

Sometimes caring for a person living with dementia can be challenging.  Dealing with those occasions with understanding and patience is second nature to those in our Dementia Care Framework accredited homes. 

As part of their training, everyone who delivers care in our homes has participated in a Dementia Experience session. This involves reducing the  individual’s sensory perception and ability to concentrate and then asking them to carry out everyday tasks. The difficulties they experience help them to better understand the frustration and upset that those living with dementia can often feel.

Would you like to take part in the Dementia Experience to help understand a little of what a loved one may be feeling?  Please ask at your local home who will be pleased to make arrangements. 

Surroundings designed to be dementia-friendly

Everyone needs pleasing surroundings at home to give them a sense of well-being. This simple human need is even more crucial for those living with dementia.

At Four Seasons we are nationally-recognised experts in the creation of dementia-friendly living environments.

Many of our homes that offer specialist dementia care also provide specially designed environments proven to help people live a little more easily with dementia. These include colour-coded routes around the home to help orientate people, reminiscence rooms to spark old memories and sensory gardens to stimulate residents’ interest with their sights, sounds and fragrances.

In our homes, residents can enjoy a better life with dementia

Through the warm human relationships our teams build, many residents feel more relaxed and secure ─ and their increased happiness is always a real pleasure to see. And that’s also the time when family and friends can breathe a small sigh of relief, knowing that their loved one is settling into a new life chapter in an atmosphere with kindness, patience and respect right at its heart.

Our Charters give residents and their loved ones even more peace of mind

The Four Seasons Charters are the result of many hours listening to the comments and suggestions of our residents, family members, professionals and home team members.

Based on over 400 comments, these valuable insights have helped us to make our dementia homes as good as they can be. We make a series of very important promises about that care in our two Charters. They’re a demonstration of our commitment to providing special resident experiences, every day.

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