Dementia Care


In our homes, residents living with dementia can continue to enjoy life.

From building relationships to using technology and understanding how living with dementia feels, we support residents to feel relaxed, secure and happy in their new home. 


Life with Dementia

When a person lives with dementia some things might change, but not everything has to. That’s why, instead of focusing on the things a person can no longer do, we support them to continue to do the things that make them smile.

We take the time to get to know each individual, listen to their stories and understand their likes and dislikes. We’ll find out what they have in common with other residents and our colleagues to help build relationships and shared moments so they can truly feel ‘at home’. You can find out more about how we create special resident experiences in our unique Dementia Care Framework.

We offer a range of care, from residential dementia support for people who need a little help with daily tasks, such as washing, dressing and taking medication, to nursing dementia care for those with long-term medical conditions or physical disabilities. We’ll create a personalised care plan for each individual, while our nursing teams are supported by a local GP and hospital consultant, making sure our residents receive the best care. 


We understand how living with dementia can feel

Sometimes caring for a person living with dementia can be challenging. That’s why we offer training and support for colleagues, family members, professionals and the community so they can better understand what it’s like to live with dementia.

Everyone at Four Seasons from our Chief Executive to those you’ll meet every day has undertaken our specially designed ‘Dementia Experience’. This involves restricting the trainee’s vision, hearing and ability to concentrate then asking them to carry out everyday tasks. The difficulties they experience can help them to better understand the frustration that those living with dementia often feel. Also, all colleagues in our dementia care facilities go through an 18-week training programme to make sure they have the knowledge and skills to care for residents living with dementia. 

We also realise that surroundings have a big impact on well-being and can make life easier for people living with dementia. Many of our homes have dementia-friendly living environments, such as colour-coded routes to help people get around, reminiscence rooms to spark memories and sensory gardens that stimulate using sight, sounds and fragrances. 


Using technology to improve lives

Alongside building relationships, specialist training and creating dementia-friendly environments, we also look at ways technology can support us to improve residents’ lives.

That’s why we developed our Quality of Life Programme - a unique system that uses iPads to monitor all aspects of care, guide continuous improvement and listen and respond to feedback from residents and their families, visitors, professionals and even our own colleagues.

Download our Dementia Care Framework brochure to find out more about our approach to dementia care, including accreditation for our homes and resident and family Charters that show the actions we take to provide special resident experiences.


Why not pay us a visit?

Our door is always open to give some friendly advice and provide you with the opportunity to look around so you can get peace of mind and feel more prepared for the next steps.

You can meet our friendly and welcoming care teams dedicated to truly getting to know the people they care for.

View your local homes here or get in touch by calling 0330 6601555 and receive friendly expert advice.

Before Dad moved here he was often tired and you couldn't have much of a conversation with him. Since moving here they looked at all his medication and asked us lots of questions about what he's like, and what he does in his spare time. Dad now takes fewer medicines and does more of what he likes to do - like singing along to swing music. We enjoy our visits more now, he seems to be much happier.

Martin talking about his dad, Robert.
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