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Learning Disabilities

We support people living with a learning disability to lead meaningful lives.    

Our learning disability communities support individuals to lead independent lives through empowering environments, understanding teams and holistic care plans.


Person-centred support

Our care is centred around the individuals we support, which is why they’re fully involved in the decisions that affect their life. This includes co-producing their care plans, monitoring their outcomes and getting involved in interviews and staff training to give real-life insight and advice.  

We encourage individuals to use their initiative and creativity, focussing on their abilities and aspirations. Like Brendan, a resident at Meadowvale care home who has an interest in motors – read his story here.  


Our communities empower individuals

Our learning disability communities are set within our residential and nursing care homes in a relaxed, welcoming and safe environment. This allows our specially trained teams to give the right amount of support and create a responsive, empowering service.

We provide opportunities for individuals to engage in meaningful activity, lifelong learning and develop skills for work to help build their confidence and self-esteem. We further encourage independence through building social networks in the service and the local community.

Where individuals experience distressed reactions to the environment or other people we use positive behavioural support techniques to understand their challenges and reduce the intensity and duration of their distress.

We’re always listening to ways we can improve our services. The individuals we support can use best practice forums to inform how the service is run while family and friends can give feedback to our teams using freely available iPads in each of our homes.


Accessing health services

We recognise that individuals with learning disabilities can face barriers to accessing health services so we’re proactive in ensuring they receive the same quality of service as everyone else.

We advocate on their behalf, support self-advocacy and have created health passports that accompany each individual to hospital appointments to ensure continuity of care. 

Each individual is supported as a whole person and nursing care is delivered to support both physical and emotional well-being. Our teams act with integrity, honesty and a commitment to providing the best possible care for each individual while truly getting to know them.


Get in touch

Our door is always open to give friendly advice and provide you with the opportunity to look around so you can get peace of mind and feel more prepared for the next steps.

View your local homes here or get in touch by calling 0330 6601555 and receive friendly expert advice.

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