Neurological Care and Rehabilitation

Neurological Care and Rehabilitation 

At Gilmerton Neurological Care Centre near Edinburgh, we offer support for adults with complex physical disabilities or health needs resulting from a range of neurological conditions. Our services include short or long-term rehabilitation options, respite breaks, or long-term home environments.

Each individual is supported by a key worker to help review their therapeutic goals, independence skills and ‘whole life’ aspirations. Through our services and supportive environments we empower people to reach their potential and be involved in their community.


Supportive living environments

Our homes have been specially designed to promote independence and enable people to live full lives through:

- Rehabilitation rooms equipped for physiotherapy and occupational therapies.

- Robust surroundings suitable for people who use wheelchairs with accessible outdoor gardens and patios.

- Dedicated dining, living and activity areas with variable height seating to prevent pressure ulcers.

- Stairs with grab hand rails, electric profiling beds with adjustable heights and at least one room with a Jacuzzi bath.

- Support for patients with bariatric care needs.




Specialist teams

All of the colleagues in our homes with neurological care and rehabilitation services have completed specialist training, including understanding neurological conditions and the promotion of independence.

Our teams also have access to in-reach nurses who will provide best practice guidance and advice for specific neurological conditions and neuro psychiatry, offering additional support.

We also work closely with local health and social care community teams to arrange assessments and plan for appropriate and timely hospital discharges. Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Pharmacology services are regularly available through our proactive partnership working with NHS Trust and Independent, third sector, providers. 


Get in touch

Our door is always open to give friendly advice and provide you with the opportunity to look around so you can get peace of mind and feel more prepared for the next steps.

Gilmerton NCC in Moredun near Edinburgh offers neurological care and rehabilitation services. Click here to find out more. 

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