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Resident writes special poem for carer

It’s always nice to be appreciated at work. Caring for people can sometimes be hard, as you have to remember lots of useful information about the people you care for.

At Campsie View Care Home in Glasgow, resident Grace McPherson wanted to recognise and commend Senior Nurse Care Assistant Alex Findlay for all of the care and support she provides her on a daily basis as a way to say thank you.

Ever the wordsmith, Grace wrote Alex a poem detailing the care she provides and how much of a difference Alex has made to her life.

Below is Grace’s poem, which she wrote with love and cuddles in mind.

“You stand there dispensing medicines. You’re doing a pretty good job –
then up comes someone to the trolley, and opens up their gob!
You wear a tabard which is bright red and very plain to see.
But the blethering just goes on and on, they will not let it be.
Often it’s not too urgent or important. This is true,
do you really need to know all that, or are they just bugging you?

Caring for people is varied, it can sometimes be a hit and miss,
or soaked like you were on Thursday, when you sat in a pool of p--s!
You’d to borrow pants and trousers, you felt like you looked a sight,
but you should think yourself lucky it wasn’t covered in s---e!

We’ve had many a chat since I’ve been here and I cherish every one,
you cheer me up if I’m feeling down, like a smashing ray of sunshine.

It’s no wonder that you are popular and well respected too
Cos its more than just me, that’s glad we have a special friend like you!”

Katy Jenks, Home Manager, said: “I was there when Grace presented Alex with her poem. She even recited it for her, which made her laugh. Grace is a very talented lady and I’m sure if she pens anymore poetry we’ll showcase it for everyone to see. It’s nice that Alex has been commended in this way, as it emphasises the positive impact she has on the residents here in the home.”

Are you looking for a care home in Glasgow? Campsie View Care Home provides support for nursing care.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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