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Residents take on the ‘Oor Wullie Bucket Trail’

Residents at Craighead Care Home in Newport on Tay embarked on a trail of one of Dundee’s favourite sons, ‘Oor Wullie’.

Francis De Franco, Personal Activities Leader, explained: “Our Oor Wullie Trailers left Craighead at 11am bound for their first stop on the bucket list.

“Due to some of our residents having walking difficulties we had to find Oor Wullies which were accessible by the minibus. We saw our first at Slessor Gardens at the bridge fall, followed by number 2 at Dundee University and then stopped the bus at Dundee Seabraes.

“Other people were at this Oor Wullie and residents began to chat to the other Trailers awaiting the ‘Selfie’ proof. Back on the bus on the hunt for number 3, we looked at the local history of the area and discussed shapes of buildings from Jute Baron Mansions in Dundee’s West End to local Dundee style tenements differing from those in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

“Dian ‘oor’ Carer ran into Blackness Library for a trail map to explain to the residents the route we were taking. From Blackness we drove to the Observatory at Balgay and then into Lochee; site also of the famous Cox’s Stack. We took our selfie with Wullie and then Margaret with the Jute Lady as we felt she resembled the lady in the statue. We chatted about Jute and how Dundee was known as a Woman’s town as it was more economical to pay women in Dundee’s Jute heyday than men.

Next stop Wullie at Dundee Law. The Hilltown Wullie was in the Oor Wullie Hospital due to some damage and some people had gone off to visit him there. Next on ‘oor’ list was Morgan Academy and the Swannie Ponds.

“Heading back into Dundee we stopped at the real Oor Wullie in his black dungarees at City Quay, then the Unicorn ship, Waterfront and the APEX and then made our way back to Norwood. This was a fantastic trip which everyone enjoyed. The residents sang, reminisced, discussed, touched, saw nature at its best on Dundee Law and Balgay, heard children laughing and smelt Oriental food at City Quay. It’s safe to say they didn’t want to come home, but they’re already plotting their next stage of the ‘Oor Willie’ tour.”

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Date published: 15 September 2017

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