Daniel Kane celebrates his 90th year by sharing his story

The theme for Care Home Open Day this year focuses on celebration and the Queen’s 90th birthday. Here at Four Seasons Health Care we thought it would be nice to share some of our resident’s stories who are also celebrating their 90th year!

The Court presents Daniel Kane

Daniel celebrated his 90th birthday in February and says the biggest change has been the TV and decline of the gramophone.

Daniel is a farmer and lived near Ballycastle with his wife Hilda, sheep, cows and chickens.

Daniel saw the Queen when she came to Ballymoney train station after her coronation. Daniel wouldn’t swap places with the Queen as he didn’t really like work, and to be King would be too much responsibility.

Daniel loves listening to music especially if it’s on a gramophone. His favourite song is Ould Lammas Fair at Ballycastle.

Now a resident at The Court, Daniel enjoys spending his days relaxing and joining in with the activities held in the home.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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