Enid Shrimpton celebrates her 90th year by sharing her story

The theme for Care Home Open Day this year focuses on celebration and the Queen’s 90th birthday. Here at Four Seasons Health Care we thought it would be nice to share some of our resident’s stories who are also celebrating their 90th year!

Lydfords presents Enid Shrimpton

Enid was born on 29th July in Escombe Natal, South Africa. She lived in a corrugated house with a veranda and no running water, using only a water butt to collect rain water. This was home for herself, mother and father, her brother Leonard and her two sisters Naomi and Ruth. Her father’s job was to build houses and her mother stayed at home to look after the family. Enid and her brothers and sisters used to walk to and from school which was a 4 mile journey each way.

As she grew up, Enid started work as an office clerk. She married her husband James Darvill Shrimpton, who was her next door neighbour at the Old Fort Durban on 26th February 1949. Enid and James lived in Durban where they had their 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys.

The family moved to London in 1977, where they stayed for 6 months before relocating and settling in East Sussex.

Enid has never met the Queen in person, but saw her when she walked past on a royal visit to South Africa. She recalls the coronation, as the family lived in a British Clony and they celebrated with a street party.

Enid says medicine and technology are two of the biggest changes over the last 90 years. Enid uses Skype to keep in touch with her daughters that live in South Africa and New Zealand.

Now a resident at Lydfords, Enid enjoys spending her days relaxing and joining in with the activities held in the home.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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