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Eureka - a poem by J G Crocker

Below is a poem written by John Gwilliam Crocker from Hopes Green Care Home in South Benfleet to celebrate World Poetry Day.


I've looked in every corner,
In crevices and nooks,
On dusty shelves in libraries,
Behind magazines and books.

Perhaps I should wear a monocle,
To sharpen up minds eye,
But I can never find it,
No matter how I try.

They tell me my mum, gave it to me,
When I was very small,
Although I don't remember it,
Please help me to recall.

My dad said I'd need it,
To make my way through life,
"You'll need it in abundance,
To fend you through each strife."

And then a girl came along,
To solve the mystery,
She said it was invisible,
Only it's kindness can you see.

And in her eyes, the answer,
It came from God above,
I've found it in abundance,
That miracle called love.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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