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Hello Buttons - a poem by F Smart

This poem was written by Freda Smart who is a resident at Hemsworth Park Care Home in Pontefract.

Hello Buttons

Hello Buttons, just wanted to say in my own way,
I appreciate everything you do for us everyday,
I never did craft work until I came here to stay,
Paper, scissors sticking always something to pass the day.

Remember at Christmas decorations galore,
More unstuck papers strewn across the floor,
Paint, paper and now valentine's hearts abound,
What's next on the agenda maybe a trip into town.

Just wanted to say from me to you,
Thank you for giving me little things to do,
I did surprise you with crochet squares hidden away,
Saved in the corner for another day.

Did not really think I could sew but there was a plan,
A week-long of sewing by me with a plastic needle in hand,
I finished it all by myself and its now on my bed,
My oh! My doesn't it look grand.

You're all honest and open and that's the way to be,
We all live together in a way,
And all of these little things make it special,
For you and me.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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