My Dog Rinty - a poem by J McManus and M Murray

Below is a poem written by Jack McManus and Mary Murray from Millbrow Care Home in Widnes to celebrate World Poetry Day.

My Dog Rinty

I had a dog who was tan and black
I was his master and my name is Jack
We named him Rinty after Rin-Tin-tin
He was always in trouble but we still loved him
He had a very deep bark that would make you jump
But given the chance he would nip your rump
We had Rinty for almost twelve years
And shared lots of fun and lots of tears

One day Rinty went missing
We found him in the woods, doing a bit of kissing
He did not want to come home
But I was his master
And I knew if he stayed it would spell disaster
There was no room in our house for a litter of pups
So back on his lead and off home he was took.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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