My Transition - a poem by J Matthews

This poem was written by Jamie Matthews from Ross Wyld Care Home in London.

My Transition

I came to this home with fear and dread,
Wishing that I would soon be dead.

I sat in my chair and looked around,
“Would I be better just being in the ground”

I know I sound low buts that's how I feel
And I have to accept that this is now real.

The staff were kind but I did not care,
I must have looked sad, as they became aware.

They tried to help me to adjust to my new life
But I did not know if this would suffice

I slowly got used to being in my new home,
and no longer beginning to feel alone

As time went on I made new friends,
and in my mind I made amends.

My home is now such a lovely place,
and I always have a smile on my face.

I have daily fun with my friends and all the staff,
with silly things that make us all laugh

There are different things that we can all do,
activities I know and some that are new.

I love my life and the people here,
and finally no longer have anything to fear.

I feel that now we are one big happy family,
and there's no where else that I would rather be.

So if you fancy a nice hot cup of tea,
then feel free to pop in and visit me.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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