Poem from Cedar Court - 'Back in our day'

Below is a poem written by everyone at Cedar Court Care Home in Abbeywood to celebrate World Poetry Day.

Back in our day things were tough,
Not like it is today,
No big tv’s or flashy phones,
Or computer games to play.

Our amusement was a ball and stick,
And playing in the street,
In and out each others houses,
With nothing on our feet.

Drinking from a hose pipe,
And out on the explore,
Climbing through the rubble,
Of houses bombed the night before.

Sirens played throughout the streets,
Woke us up with such a fright,
Family’s running to the shelters,
In the middle of the night.

The elderly and mums and kids,
In bunkers underground,
All singing songs and playing games,
Making kids feel safe and sound.

Then marrying your first true love,
When forever is what you meant,
Not like today when a marriage can end,
.Just from a message that you’ve sent

Kids come along and blessed our lives,
That we raised and did our best,
Till they grew with family’s of there own,
And then all flew the nest.

Its back to just the two of us,
Preparing for old age,
How quick has all that time gone,
Like the turning of a page.

Our health’s starting to fail now,
Things get harder every day,
So the people who pop in and out,
Have found us a lovely place to stay.

So when I ask you the same question,
For the hundredth time today,
Please remember what I’ve been through,
And how I got to be this way.

And please don’t get frustrated,
Just think back to what I’ve said,
I have thousands of great memories,
There just trapped inside my head.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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