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Resident from Norwood Green shares his poems

On 21st March, Four Seasons homes across the United Kingdom will be embracing World Poetry Day.

Residents and team alike have been putting pen to paper, being very wax lyrical about anything that has taken their fancy.

Desmond Heath is a resident at Norwood Green Care Home in Southall, and has had his own poetry published in a book back in the 1985.

Mr Heath, a professional violinist began his career with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and spent some of his years as a member of the Philharmonia.

Mr Heath wanted to share two of his poems in the hope to get people’s creative juices flowing.


You see me glide.
It was only a shrug.
I’m going nowhere,

but watch my pectorals
reading the water like braille,
even on a six-inch dream.

There are surfaces inside,
blankets I twist in,
slow places where I sleep.

You can breathe water,
you can chew it all day.
It has a quality my tail,
is explaining to you.

I rise down water like a leaf.


Early morning,
and the hedges lit with rain.
The grass is silver,
and trees hang over the fields like smoke:
I breathed, and saw the earth was breathing
and every creature breath as hot as mine.

and all the village lights are on.
The streets are gold,
and houses hang in the hills like stars:
I laughed, and knew the earth was made of loving,
and every creature eye as bright as mine.

The end of days,
the candle is burning down.
The room is dark,
and memory hangs in the mind like mist:
I died, and saw the earth was made of dying,
and every creature bone as white as mine.

Mr Heath said: “Music has played an important part in my life and has inspired me to do a variety of different things. I married a musician and our children followed in our footsteps taking up careers in music and the arts, so it’s definitely had a positive impact on our lives. I’m hoping that I can inspire others to get involved in poetry and music and see the benefits it holds.”

More information about what our homes got up to for World Poetry Day will be available on the website in the coming weeks.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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