Residents at Woodlands are having a ball

Over the past couple of months, residents at Woodlands Care Home in Mirfield have had weeks packed with activities thanks to the activities coordinator and the rest of the team.

It hasn’t been all plain sailing for the team, as some of the mischievous residents try to get up to no good.

Maxine Gascoigne, Resident Experience Regional Manager said: “Woodlands is a fantastic home to work, live and visit. The team here put the residents needs at the heart of everything they do. They run activities that the residents are interested in, and introduce new things to create new memories.

“However, the residents are prone to playing pranks on the team. One of the residents regularly dresses up as a member of the clergy and delivers the immortal line of ‘more tea Vicar’. This is then followed by laughter, sniggers and cheers from other residents. The team all love it here, it shows that everyone at the home is up for having fun.”

It’s not all tea and biscuits at this home. The residents have taken time with the Royal Society of the Protection of Birds who came in to see what wildlife is in the grounds around the home. What started off as a slow morning soon changed as the residents competed against each other to see who could see the most birds. Later on the residents had the opportunity to get up close and personal to some owls kindly brought in by the Bird Sanctuary.

Another activity saw the team digging out sweatbands, lycra and leg warmers as everyone took part in keep fit activities including; passing balloons, twirling ribbons, playing golf, cycling and boxing (on the Nintendo Wii). Some of the more mobile residents took advantage of the games room by playing badminton, ping pong and bowling.

It’s not just physical activities that our residents get involved in. A recent session of ‘The Guessing Game’ had everyone pondering who, what, where and why. The game involves players looking at cards that depict a scene. They then have to guess the name of the movie/song, or if the card shows a historical point in time, share with the group what that player was doing on that day. There were some very interesting answers to say the least.

There is definitely no air of silence in the home, especially when music and merriment is on the menu. At the start of March ‘Melodies and Memories’ came and entertained the residents. It was an afternoon of dancing, singing and laughter all of which unlocked precious memories for everyone involved.

Maxine Gascoigne added: “There’s never a dull moment at Woodlands. Our residents have an amazing time and embrace every activity provided for them, even if the team run a mile – like when the owls came in. It's safe to say some of the team have a phobia of birds. It’s great to see so many smiles.”

Date published: 15 September 2017

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