Residents blossom on Arts & Older People’s Programme

As we get older, people can start to feel isolated and alone. Especially when they retire, and stop having the daily routine of going to work and seeing people on a regular basis.

The Arts Council in Northern Ireland began their Arts & Older People Programme to combat these negative feelings.

A spokesperson from the Arts Council said: “We believe that the opportunity to engage in or to enjoy the arts should be available to all. Since 2010 the Arts & Older People Programme has reached 9,100 older participants through 97 projects.”

Some of these participants included residents from Longfield Care Home in Eglinton. Louise McClusky, Home Manager, explained: “The residents here teamed up with a local school to produce a mosaic. The residents really enjoyed themselves, with some commenting that they enjoyed seeing the children with all of their energy.

“The Arts & Older People Programme gets older people involved in projects within the community, enabling them to make friends. The mosaic that the residents and school children created is great because it’s in a place for resident to go and meet people at, and is a great talking point.

“I’m so proud of our residents and thank the arts council for letting us get involved in a project.”

Date published: 15 September 2017

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