Spring time from the past - a poem by the residents

Below is a poem written by everyone at Elm Bank Care Home in Hexham to celebrate World Poetry Day.

Spring time from the past

Spring is the beginning of new life lambs dancing in the fields
Flowers coming into bloom, turning their heads to the sun

Butterflies fluttering in the sky,
Blossom and leaves covering the trees

Daisies sprouting up like little stars
Calves running about chasing butterflies, the children running scaring the crows

Horses neighing in the fields, cantering round and round
Carpets of bluebells cover the floor of the woods

Buttercups dance and turn to the warmth of the sun
The sound of children’s laughter ringing through the dells

Cowslips sway in the breeze as the Birds sing in the branches of trees
The sound of the steam train chugging, past the school house filling the air with steam
While the river Tyne meanders on

This is Spring Time

Date published: 15 September 2017

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