The Longest Mile is the Last Mile Home - a poem by B M Bage

This poem was written by Bertie M Bage, a resident at Westview Lodge Care Home in Hartlepool.

The Longest Mile is the Last Mile Home

There is much joy in my heart these days,
And I can only speak in works of praise,
Of the West View Lodge that showed me the light,
And gave me the incentive to fight the good fight,
My ship is berthed and my anchors are down,
The smile on my face reflects the frown.

Peace and tranquillity here you shall find,
Goodbye to stress, you now have peace of mind,
To meet old friends and to make some new,
It happened to me and can happen to you,
You talk with someone with a sympathetic ear,
For fog disperses and your way is now clear.

You now realise that life can still be sweet,
If you try to stand on your own two feet,
As I pray for guidance, help and strength,
I pray for these people who look after my health,
No more the desire for me to seek pastures new,
Being now in the hands of Gods own chosen few.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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