The Time of your Life - poem by I Johnson

Below is a poem written by Irene Johnson from Holbeche House Care Home in Kingswinford to celebrate World Poetry Day.

The Time of Your Life

Watching school kids at their play,
Can take me back to a far off day.
Perhaps not valued as they should,
Wishing them back, if only I could.

Seeing them rough and tumble about,
Having the merriment of youthful stout.
What days these are, if only they knew,
Only now I appreciate, they were ‘but a few’.

The playground allowing them to run off steam,
The vigour of youth is unique, quite supreme.
Footballs being kicked now, and lads hit the decks,
While others express talents with thoughts of David Becks.

Sauntering home now, their minds focussed on tea,
Belonging to someone, ‘to you to me’.
Enjoy these years, now they belong to you,
‘The time of your life’ is each kid’s rightful due.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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