Through the years - a poem by Ringshill Care Home

This poem was compiled by everyone at Ringshill Care Home in Huntingdon.

Poems: Through the Years

New Born: No earthly joys could bring more pleasure
Than a little child to love and treasure

Toddler: When I’m in the bath
I like to play for hours
Splashing water on the floor
Building big foam towers

School Age: Brush your teeth
Blow your nose
Clean your shoes
And change your clothes

Teenage: What happened to your yesterday’s
When you were once young
Today I see a teenager
Where gave all the years gone

Graduation: This is my time to shine
To live a life that is mine
This is the time to glow
And let my true feelings show

Adulthood: I’m learning to make my own choices
Moulding a future with bare hands
Learning how to step out
Despite the shaky ground

Parenthood: Our children are our future
And time will only tell
The job we’ve done as parents
And if we’ve done it well

Getting Older: I want to live till I’m 99
Where’s it gone this life of mine
How can it be at 43
I think of retirement by the sea

Retirement: You’ve managed to survive your working years
And retirement shines before you
Your spouse can nag you full time now
And your kids will still annoy you

Date published: 15 September 2017

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