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We share our birthday with the Queen!!

Some of us tend to do a quick search to see if anyone famous shares the same birthday as us.

Today, Thursday 21st April sees Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrate her 90th birthday. She shares her special day with a number of residents in homes across the United Kingdom. Some of the residents have taken the time to speak to Four Seasons about their recollections, and sharing their birthday with a very special lady.

Ann Donnelly 46 years old from Dunlarg Care Home in Keady
Dunlarg Care Home will be celebrating Ann’s birthday in style indulging in her passion for worldwide cuisine. Ann used to work at the Appleby Social Education Centre, and it was here she met Princess Diana who attended the official opening. Ann is a very inquisitive lady who loves reading and researching about different countries around the world. She’s very hands on in the home, and helps to organise the activities. She’s always there to offer a helping hand to anyone in need.

John Sheedy 67 years old from Lansdowne Care Home in Cricklewood
In his younger years, John used to work as a waiter at a restaurant in Kent, as well as being known for his love of DIY. He changed career slightly when he became a carer at Lansdowne, the place he now calls home. John said: “It’s nice some of the older staff members still remember me from my carer days and it gives us a lot to chat about.” For fun, John used to go to the horse races with his family. He also enjoyed going to the pub with all of his Irish friends. Although he shares his birthday with the Queen, John has no special memories of her. However, he does say: “she’s a woman who knows what she’s doing. She’s very popular with people and I like her a lot.”

Helen Laurie 72 years old from The Beaufort Care Home in Coventry
Helen is slightly younger than the Queen, she has watched her blossom into the powerful monarch many of us love and cherish. In her younger days, Helen was a cleaner at Coventry Council House, and received a long service award from the Mayor for her hard work and dedication. She was one of 13 children and lived in Shettleson in Glasgow. She moved to Coventry aged 16. She has a daughter Lila and a grandson called Troy who is a professional boxer, who Helen is very proud of.

Sheila Reid 77 years old from Bearehill Care Home in Brechin
Sheila is very friendly and loves chatting to staff and other residents at Bearehill. She enjoys making pom poms, watching the soaps and music. She loves it when the home brings in local entertainers. Sheila enjoys getting out and about with her sister and brother-in-law and having a cup of tea and a slice of cake at Morrisons or at the Brechin Garden Centre.
Although she’s never met the Queen, Shelia loves to watch her on the television. She loves the Queens colourful outfits and the crowns that she wears.

David Steward 83 years old from Burlington Care Home in Glasgow
David who is 8 years younger than her Majesty remembers watching her coronation in 1953. His one piece of advice for her would be to keep up the good work. David was born in 1933 and completed his national service in the army, stationed in both Egypt and Malta. David told us: “Whilst I was stationed in Egypt, I was playing football and got very badly sunburnt. I was very nearly court marshalled for this as my senior officer said my wounds were self-inflicted.” After leaving the army, David met his wife Joyce. David was 23 when he met 16 year old Joyce, and told a small white lie regarding his age, telling her he was in fact 20 years old. They married on 1st June 1957 and went on to have three daughters. David then worked as a milkman, but did not like getting up very early in the morning but he did indeed enjoy his job.

Minnie Summeril 84 years old from Kingswood Lodge Care Home in Wotton-under-Edge
Kingswood Lodge Care Home have beefed up security for Minnie’s birthday, bringing in their very own Beefeater to keep her secure. Minnie enjoys watching royal TV programmes and seeing how Her Majesty has blossomed throughout her reign. In her younger years, Minnie worked on a powersames machine at Newmans in Yate. For the past 50 years she has been a member of the Women’s Institute.

Mabel Knox 89 years old from Galgorm Care Home in Ballymena
Galgorm Care Home is shining their very own spotlight, on their Queen for the day Mable Knox. Mable lives at Galgorm with her husband Charles, and they recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. In her younger days Mable worked locally in the Mill (alongside Charles) and enjoyed frequent nights out to dances in the Flamingo. Mable has met the Queen on one occasion, and said: “she was a very nice and pleasant lady. She came to Ballymena to celebrate the millennium.”

Evelyn Rogerson 92 years old from Willow Court Care Home in Newcastle under Tyne
A self-proclaimed ‘plain Jane’ from West Lane used to work in a factory. She’s very outgoing and enjoys spending time with her girls. Although she wishes she would have learnt to play the piano, she likes the simplicity of being able to sit down with a cup of tea, knitting or crocheting. Two hobbies she still indulges in now and then. She remembers attending a street part for the Queen’s coronation. She recalls: “It was a wonderful day. I remember some people had a television to watch it on, but we didn’t. We listened to the wireless at somebody else’s house. I’ve never met the Queen, but if I did I’d offer her one piece of advice. That would be to be more forthcoming as she is a timid and quiet lady. I may get the chance to tell her if I get to meet her when I’m 100.”

Hannah Ventress 101 years old from Amelia House Care Home in York
Hannah, is more mature than Her Majesty, but thinks of her very fondly. She said: “I find it an honour to celebrate my birthday on the same day as the Queen. It makes me feel very special.” During her childhood, Hannah lived and worked on a farm in Lofthouse and was in service during the war. When she married she worked at Armstrongs (Shock Absorbers) on the factory floor. However, she left Armstrongs when Rowntrees came to York. She worked for Rowntrees on cream packing for 18 years before retiring. Hannah enjoys needlework, sewing and dress making, baking and gardening.

Tim Hammond, Chief Executive Officer at Four Seasons said: “I want to wish everyone who’s celebrating their birthday today many happy returns. It’s not every day you can say you share your birthday with the Queen.

“Reading through the profiles provided by some of our residents has been a wonderful eye opener. I hope you all have a fabulous day, and have a slice of cake for me.”

Everyone at Four Seasons wishes you all and Queen Elizabeth II many happy returns!

Homes across the UK have been conducting their own celebrations to commemorate Her Majesty’s birthday. This has included a number of parties being held at Romford Grange (Romford), South Park (York), Regency (Greater Manchester). We’ll keep you posted with all the other activities the homes have been up to, including lots of pictures.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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