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18 Jul 2017

Doreen Pinkney, a resident at Hallgarth Care Home in Durham wants to share her love about the Miners Gala and what it means to her and her family.

The first Miners Gala I remember going too was with my Mam, Dad and brother. I must have been about 9 years old. That was 81 years ago, and I have been every year since. I lived at Esh Winning; we would all meet at the Stags in the village and get the train to Durham.

To follow the banners and everyone would what them coming in before settling down on the green for a picnic, all family and friends together chatting and relaxing whilst watching the children play.

After I married and had a son, I took him, when he had a family I took my granddaughter. Now she keeps up the tradition and takes me. The pride I feel for this day and being part of a mining community has never left me. I still cry a tear when I hear the band play Gresford (The Miners Hymn). Men and boys worked hard down the mines, what they did was manual hard work. The miners left still suffer the after effects of working under ground and some gave their lives down the mines and are buried with the coal.

I am proud to support the miners gala, it has changed a lot over the past eighty one years, but the memory will live on forever within me, I am proud to come from a mining family.

Are you looking for a care home in Durham? Hallgarth Care Home provides support for all types of care including residential care, nursing care, respite care, end of life/palliative care and intermediate care.


18 Jul 2017

The Howdon Care Centre family through an extra special surprise party last week to celebrate the home’s dear friend Jimmy’s 80th birthday.

Ruth Todd, Home Manager, said: “Jimmy came in for his weekly visit to see residents and the care team. He was totally unaware that we knew it was his 80th birthday. We all came together to celebrate. Jimmy was thrilled with his gifts and party. So from all of us at Howdon, Happy Birthday Jimmy.”

Everyone at Four Seasons wishes you many happy returns Jimmy.


17 Jul 2017

Residents at Holywood Care Home in Belfast have been warming up their vocal chords in preparation of their opening night performance.

Roxana Mitrea, Home Manager, said: “It is enjoyable to see the residents having a good time. They took it upon themselves to create their own choir, so look out, Holywood’s got talent. The care team are enjoying listening to the residents and even joining in too. Watch this space; we’ll be performing for you soon.”

Are you looking for a care home in Belfast? Holywood Care Home provides support for all types of care including dementia care, nursing care, respite care, end of life/palliative care and intermediate care.


17 Jul 2017

This week residents from Windsor House Care Home in Cannock enjoyed a 1940s inspired dance at the local Trinity Methodist Church.

Kerry Craddock, Home Manager, said: “Everyone really enjoyed themselves. They sang and danced the afternoon away and enjoyed a lovely party lunch. The 1940s is always a nice time for the residents to go back to as it brings back some lovely memories.”

Are you looking for a care home in Cannock? Windsor House Care Home provides support for all types of care including dementia care, respite care, end of life/palliative care, specialist care and intermediate care.


17 Jul 2017

Ideas on how to help people living with dementia to lead a fulfilling life without barriers have been hitting the headlines recently.

Four Seasons Health Care’s Home Manager from Havencourt Care Home, Rhona McGregor has been helping Tesco employees in Forfar undertake the Four Season’s Dementia Experience.

Rhona McGregor said: “People living with dementia can still lead fulfilling lives and do the things they enjoy doing. I believe it’s our approach as professionals, whether in the health care sector or other sectors, that needs to adapt to remove any barriers that may be in the way. We’re delighted that employees from Tesco want to take part in the experience so they can enhance the lives of shoppers in their stores. This is the second batch of Tesco employees to take part in the training, and they’re all embracing it to the full.”

The Dementia Experience attempts to provide participants with a taste of what living with dementia might be like. Participants have their physical senses temporarily impaired with a variety of props, and are then asked to complete simple daily tasks, such as pairing up socks, buttoning a shirt and laying a table. The experience can be frustrating and distressing in equal measure, and provides a glimpse into what it might be like to be living with dementia.

The Dementia Experience is part of Four Seasons Health Care’s new approach to dementia care, the Dementia Care Framework. This pioneering approach is a unique step forward in the personalisation of care for people living with dementia. The care team uses exclusive purpose-designed technology to help build and continuously update a picture of each resident’s individual experience of their care and their physical, psychological and emotional well-being, so that their care can be adjusted to their changing needs. There are three additional components to the Dementia Care Framework – personal care reviews, Resident Charters and Family Charters. Only when a home achieves key standards within the Dementia Care Framework does it receive Four Seasons Accreditation for the quality of its dementia care.

Rhona McGregor added: “The teams in our homes are all receiving this experience as part of their dementia training. Offering it out to organisations in the local community is a logical next step. It also ensures people living with dementia have the understanding and support of the community’s they live in, to help them lead a fulfilling life without barriers.”

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