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21 Mar 2013

A new study of residents in specialised dementia care homes has confirmed a reduction, averaging 48 per cent, in the requirement for antipsychotic medication, together with dramatic reductions in usage of a range of other medications and a corresponding improvement in the wellbeing of participants.

14 Mar 2013

Half Acre House and Heywood Court in Rochdale were recently present with an award at Rochdale Town Hall following the completion of the Six Steps to Success End of Life Care Programme.

11 Mar 2013

Activity Coordinator Debby and Domestic Assistant Wendy have every reason to look pleased – they were both nominated for the Four Seasons ROCK award from a relative of the Care Home. Comments included, "they both make such a difference to all the residents living at Copper Beeches Care Home. I cannot praise their enthusiasm enough, their role is so vital and important in the care of my mother and all the other residents".

11 Mar 2013

Recently Hemsworth Park Care Home in Pontefract, West Yorkshire held a fundraising event with a difference, involving wax and pain for two staff members and a staff member's partner.

6 Mar 2013

Four Seasons Health Care recently held the England West conference in Hinkley, Leicestershire. Each year one good cause is chosen to raise funds for and this year it was the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and also to help one Home Manager's son, Jack. This year £2,138 was raised at the event. A massage unit was subsequently purchased with some of the proceeds from the fundraising, which along with the bed donated by the medical company 'Niagra', can now be used for Jack to begin to enjoy some of the normal things most children his age are able to do.

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