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23 Dec 2015

Did you know? Holbeche House is the final resting place for some of those involved in the Gunpowder plot of 1605. Although many of us think the end of the plot was 5th November when the infamous Guy Fawkes was arrested in the cellars at the Houses of Parliament after the attempted assassination of King James. A number of his fellow plotters in fact actually fled up North where they met their end at Holbeche House.

Unbeknown to most, Guy Fawkes was just the ‘hit man’ of the whole operation. Robert Catesby was the central character in the plot who led his men up to the West Midlands where they hid at Holbeche House. In tow with them, they had a store of weapons and gunpowder which became wet from the rain. Perhaps from lack of knowledge, they thought the best way to dry out the gunpowder was to put it in front of the fire. The fire sparked and caused a huge explosion which injured many.

The explosion attracted attention and Holbeche House was surrounded the next day. Catesby died from his injuries as well as a number of others, some were arrested and others continued to flee around the country.

Although much of the original building was destroyed in the explosion, evidence from it still remains at Holbeche House where bullet marks can be seen on the walls from the stand-off. There is also a priest hole in the home that is on display for all to see. It was thought that this was a tunnel made by the plotters in an attempt of escape, but it was in fact just used for water storage under the house.

For more information about Holbeche House Care Home, please visit their home page.

23 Dec 2015

As a way of celebrating his birthday, a resident at Bracknell Care Home in Bracknell decided he would like to visit the house he was born in. After moving away when he was 3 years old, he hadn’t seen his home for over 64 years.

John Hopkins, resident at Bracknell, felt visiting his birth home would be a perfect way to spend his birthday. At the age of 3, John and his family moved away from the area of Egham and hadn’t been back to visit since. Accompanied by Tasha Corbett, Personal Activities Leader, they took a taxi ride to Egham where all John’s memories came flooding back. He spoke about the things that had changed and things that were still the same as they travelled into the town. John was overwhelmed by the experience – he was so thankful to be able to visit the place he was born on his birthday.

After visiting the house, both Tasha and John took a trip to the local river where they watched boats gliding along and fed the ducks and swans. The sun stayed out for the whole day so they decided to have some food and a drink outside to toast to the day.

Tasha told us “We had a very memorable time; I’m so happy I could be a part of this experience and share it with him. His old house was very charming and he spoke very highly of the area. What a magical day!”

For information about working for Four Seasons Health Care visit our careers page.

22 Dec 2015

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, Copper Beeches Care Home in Rochester decided to host their very own Mad Hatters Tea Party. Both the team and the residents got involved with making costumes to wear to the event.

The team were extremely excited to take part in the Mad Hatters tea party and created some extravagant costumes to wear. They each chose their favourite character from the novel to dress up as. Residents made Alice in Wonderland themed hats to wear for the tea party. The home was also dressed head to toe in magical decorations to get everyone in the spirit.

Aileen Nimmo, Regional Business Development Manager, told us “The costumes and hats created for the tea party were incredible – everyone had a wonderful afternoon celebrating this memorable anniversary”.

If you are looking for a care home in Rochester, please visit the Copper Beeches Care Home page.

22 Dec 2015

December has been an award winning month for the team at Woodcot Lodge Care Home in Gosport. They have recently received a number of ROCK Awards, presented their in house Employee of the month award and also hosted their monthly ‘Come Dine with Me’ competition.

Elaina Madgewick, the activities team and the top floor team at Woodcot Lodge Care Home were all nominated for ROCK Awards for their outstanding contributions in their roles. The relative who nominated Elaina for the award was able to join the home in presenting this to her as a way of thanking her for all her hard work. The Recognition Of Care and Kindness award is a way of family and friends of relatives to nominate members of the team who have made a positive impact on them and their relatives.

Woodcot Lodge also have a monthly Come Dine with Me competition in which each dining room at the care home compete to give the best dining experience. The residents each rate the service they receive and vote for which team they believe to be the best. This month, the middle floor team came out on top and won themselves a free meal for lunch.

Donna Ryan was made Employee of the Month for November after being voted for by a number of her colleagues for the hard work and care she provides at Woodcot Lodge. They told us “she is so supportive and always puts the residents first – she’s a pleasure and a delight to work with”.

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22 Dec 2015

To get in the Christmas spirit, the team at Osbourne Court Care Home in Baldock arranged for a local theatre company to visit the home and perform a pantomime for residents to enjoy. All the residents got in the spirit by wearing their best Christmas jumpers and Santa hats.

The Tickled Pink Theatre Company travel around schools and care homes to provide entertainment for all. They performed a range of different songs and scenes from various pantomime favourites. All the residents joined in and had a great sing along to Christmas songs. The home was filled with fun and laughter for the afternoon.

Declan Miskelly, Home Manager, told us “The pantomime was great fun for everyone – we all had a sing along and joined in when we could. It’s great we can bring the pantomime to the home as the residents love it so much which is wonderful to see”.

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