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18 Nov 2015

A Care Assistant at Romford Grange Care Home in Romford kindly donated a cat to the home 2 years ago and he has been an honorary resident ever since. Romford Grange recognised the benefit of having a pet in the home and the positive effects it has on the residents.

Bailey is a very friendly cat and has made friends with everyone at the home. The residents love to sit and have a cuddle with Bailey; many have said how calming it is listening to his purring. Bailey is a very content and spoilt little cat – he knows instinctively which routes to go around the home to get a fuss or treat from someone.

Lewis Chester, Home Manager, told us “Everyone here at Romford Grange loves having Bailey around. People say ‘a pet makes a home’ which is certainly the case here – all the residents love sitting and playing with Bailey. He is such a great character!”

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17 Nov 2015

To celebrate Older People’s Day this year, Woodlands Care Home in Mirfield decided to display the wonderful lives of 3 of their residents around the home for visitors to read. Older People’s Day has been celebrated by Four Seasons Health Care throughout October by honouring the achievements and contributions older people make to our society.

Elizabeth Hitchin shared how she’s enjoyed a fabulous life with her husband. She enjoyed travelling in their motorhome around the UK and Europe. Her claim to fame is extremely impressive – her husband bought her a locomotive called Taw Valley as a birthday gift one year. They spent 4 years restoring the train which then went on to feature in the Harry Potter movies and tours as the Hogwarts Express.

David A. Bailey told us about his love of the outdoors. As a young boy, he joined the Scouts which is what led him to appreciate the outdoors. He completed the last of the Wainwright 214 Peaks of Cumbria – he is pictured above celebrating this with a bottle of champagne. Alongside this passion, David is also highly educated and has achieved a number of qualifications which led him to become a Professor in Chemistry. He also enjoys classic cars and motorbikes and loves to attend local shows to have a look around them.

We also heard about the wonderful life of Michael Jennings who explained how he was born and raised in Wakefield. He was educated in the North and worked hard to raise enough funds to make a move down to London to pursue his career in finance. He told us how he has travelled the World and has worked in some spectacular places. When he retired, he purchased a Ski Chalet in the French Alps where he loved to spend time with friends.

The team and visitors at Woodlands have been extremely impressed and interested by the stories told by their residents. They also displayed the history of the building at Woodlands which was once known as the Calder Farm Reformatory for Boys set up in 1853.

Samantha Kilkenny, Personal Activities Leader, told us “The residents and their families have really enjoyed getting involved with this. We have some extremely interesting residents and it’s been lovely to share their stories in this way”.

Four Seasons Health Care will be sharing stories and words of wisdom from our residents via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

16 Nov 2015

Eileen Love, a resident at Ringshill Care Home in Huntingdon, recently reached the age of 100 years old. The team arranged a special gathering for Eileen and invited her family and friends to share the day with her, along with a special visitor.

Eileen received floods of cards and flowers wishing her well on this spectacular birthday. She received a very special birthday card from the Queen. Eileen was surprised when she had a visit from Tim Hammond, Chief Executive, who came to see her on her special day. Helen Wilson, Regional Manager, was also there to wish Eileen a very happy birthday. The team made a birthday cake for both Eileen and the residents to enjoy.

Katie Wilkinson, Home Manager, told us “Eileen had a lovely day for her 100th birthday – she was so pleased with all the lovely cards and gifts; especially her card from the Queen. She was extremely chuffed to meet Tim Hammond and had a lovely chat with him too”.

Happy Birthday Eileen, from all at Four Seasons Health Care.

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16 Nov 2015

The Elms Care Centre in Louth recently held their very own awards ceremony to present numerous awards to their team and a resident. Seven members of the team were presented with long service awards, alongside a ROCK Award and recognition for becoming a winner in our recent garden competition.

The team decided to arrange a small party for everyone involved and invited family and friends to join in the fun too. A member of the team also very kindly made a Four Seasons Health Care branded cake in celebration of the awards presentation. The long service awards were presented to members of the team who have worked at The Elms for a substantial amount of time and continue to be completely dedicated in their roles.

The ROCK Award was presented to a Care Assistant who was nominated by a relative who has witnessed the hard work and commitment she puts into her role. The ROCK Award is an internal honour which allows residents and relatives to nominate a member of the team who has made a real difference to their lives and wellbeing.

The garden at The Elms won Gold in our recent garden competition here at Four Seasons Health Care. Both the team and residents worked tirelessly to create a beach setting in their garden to make it easier for residents to feel like they are at the seaside. One resident, who is the chief gardener, was presented with a garden ornament as a way of thanking all the residents for all their hard work.

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16 Nov 2015

A six-month long pilot scheme has taken place at Springfield Care Home in Blackburn. The scheme was introduced by Dr Tanveer Ahmed, who recognised that giving patients a dose of saline in early stages of illness could cut down on hospital admissions.

Dr Ahmed spent an hour visiting Springfield each day to monitor the health of 14 residents. Residents that were recognised as being dehydrated were prescribed with an IV of saline for three to five days within the care home setting. The intervention of early saline has helped cut down hospital admissions by 75% and in turn, improved residents’ health and saved hundreds of pounds in expensive treatments.

The intervention ran for a total of six months and has seen a reduction of hospital referrals decrease from 4% to 1% this month. This overall has saved the hospital at least £800 to £1,000 per day per patient.

Dr Ahmend said “It seems quite impressive that a small amount of IV given earlier on in any kind of illness could have such benefits. It’s amazing to see how the residents feel psychologically a lot healthier when they are in the care home environment. When a resident is dehydrated, they tend not to involve themselves in physiotherapy – with this supplementation of saline, they are much likely to improve because they are participating in the physiotherapy”.

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