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5 Mar 2015

Residents, staff and guests at Four Seasons’ care homes across the UK are taking part in a fundraising event to raise awareness for Dementia UK.

Care homes up and down the country will host a ‘Time for a Cuppa!’ day during the first week of March to show support for Dementia UK and the Admiral Nurses who work closely with those who live with dementia. Homes will open their doors to their local communities and will host various activities, such as tea parties, tea cosy knitting sessions and tea tastings.

Some of Four Seasons’ care homes will also be organising informal drop in sessions during the week for people in the local community who are living with dementia, together with their relatives and friends. These sessions will provide an opportunity to meet informally to share experiences and to obtain advice from one of Four Seasons’ dementia specialists.

It is estimated that there are 800,000 people living with dementia in the UK and this number is expected to increase by up to 40% within the next 15 years.

Alistair How, Chief Operating Officer at Four Seasons,said: “At Four Seasons, we believe that it is very important that people are able to access information about dementia freely and easily. Our free drop in sessions will give people the chance to ask any questions they may have about dementia in a relaxed setting, and are not linked to whether people are looking for a care home.

“We are also delighted to be taking part in ‘Time For A Cuppa’ to raise awareness about dementia and show our support for all the good work that Dementia UK and the Admiral Nurses do.”

Staff at Eastbourne

5 Mar 2015

Nursing staff have spoken of their pride after receiving a ROCK award for outstanding service. Eastbourne Care Home, in Cobden Street, announced a pledge to improve in October. Just four months on, staff at the home have received a Rock award in recognition of the levels of care they are providing across the board.

The award, which stands for 'Recognition Of Care and Kindness', is usually given to individual members of staff in Four Seasons Health Care establishments who have been nominated by members of the public.

In Eastbourne’s case, however, it was awarded to the entire staff. Viki Gates, manager of the Eastbourne home, said they were ‘elated’ to have won the award. “We received a letter of thanks from a residents family for everything we had done for her, and a nomination for this award.”

Another inspection, published earlier this month to check that improvements had been made, found that Eastbourne was providing ‘good’ service in all five key areas.

Regional Manager, Marjorie Condacos said: “I am very proud of all the staff at Eastbourne they have really improved the Home. They are a great team who are dedicated to improving the lives of residents in their care”.

3 Mar 2015

Bickleigh Down Care Home in Plymouth recently recognised the first-rate level of care that Care Assistant, Sylvia Szczygiel brings to her role everyday by awarding her a Recognition of Caring and Kindness (ROCK) Award. Sylvia was presented with her award in front of her colleagues and peers by Home Manager, Georgina Linnell.

27 Feb 2015

Four Seasons Health Care, the national network of more than 370 homes providing personalised dementia and nursing care, has appointed former regional Managing Director Pauline Lawrance to the newly-created position of Care Services and Quality Director. In her new role she will be responsible for development of dementia and nursing care services and raising care quality.

5 Feb 2015

North Court Care Home in Suffolk was recently recognised for the first-rate level of care that Staff, Nurses, Carers and Domestics within the home, bring to their role everyday by awarding them a Recognition of Care and Kindness (ROCK) Award. The Staff were joined by Regional Manager, Martin Murphy and Managing Director, Jo Vasey who were there to support Home Manager, Bill Mason in presenting his team with the award in front of their colleagues and peers.

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