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29 Apr 2016

People embark on a career path because it’s something they love, they yearn to develop, grow and blossom in this profession.

Here at Four Seasons Care Assistant can up-skill themselves on the organisations Care Home Assistant Practitioners (CHAPs) programme.

On Monday 25th April , a graduation ceremony was held at Lingfield House in Darlington, celebrating the achievements of 20 newly qualified CHAPs.

Amanda Cunningham, North East Managing Director, said: “Here at Four Seasons we take great pride in our CHAPs programme, and everyone who undertakes the intense 12 week course. I want to congratulate all 20 of the CHAPs for graduating; your hard work and dedication have paid off.

“The programme is innovative and helps the CHAPs to provide invaluable support to the nurses in the homes.

“All the CHAPs have come through this long journey, and I want to reiterate that we all value you as a company, and thank you for your commitment. I also was to thank the mentors for their continuous help and support.

“By working together we can all help provide good quality care everywhere, ensuring resident get the service they deserve. Congratulations again to you all.”

The 15 homes benefiting from the CHAPs skills are:

The newly qualified CHAPs are now able to provide some general nursing duties such as medication rounds. This benefits the home as it enables the nurse to deal with more complex issues.

If you’d like to work for Four Seasons, take a look at our current vacancies section.

care home awards

29 Apr 2016

On Friday 22nd April, Osborne Court Care Home in Bristol held a ceremony celebrating the dedication of 9 team members who received their Long Service Awards.

Each team member was celebrating their tenth year with the organisation.

Peter Manson, Home Manager, said: “I want to congratulate all of the team members who have received these awards. There are many aspects of my job that I enjoy, and awards ceremonies like these definitely rate highly up there.

During the ceremony, Regional Manager Dennis Tahalele thanked the staff in his speech before presenting them with a certificate and a shopping voucher.

The team members celebrating their 10 years’ service are:

  • Susan Bull, House Keeping
  • Tracey Caddick, Care Assistant
  • Jan Hosking, Admin
  • Gemma House, Care Assistant
  • Ann Strutt, Laundry
  • Pawel Piekarski, Care Assistant
  • Ehsan Ul-haq, Care Assistant
  • Heidi Stokes, Personal Activities Leader
  • Brian True, Maintenance.

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29 Apr 2016

A special surprise took place at Yatton Hall Care Home in Somerset last week, when a resident’s grandson visited the home with his Jazz band.

Lisa Brain, Home Manager, said: “The band was really good. The set they played was fantastic. It was a special day because it was the first time Alan had heard his grandson play. It truly was a beautiful moment to behold, Alan couldn’t hide how proud he was.”

Once the band had finished their set, they took the time to speak to the residents and swap stories with them. Another resident presented the drummer of the band with some drumsticks she had in her room, which she had acquired from Bernard ‘Buddy’ Rich. The resident explained to the drummer that Buddy Rich was a famous American Jazz drummer who was known for his impossible drum solos.

Lisa Brain added: “You could clearly see that the young drummer was extremely humbled by the gift. These drumsticks meant a lot to our resident, but I feel she felt it was time that someone else helped them to continue Buddy’s legacy. I want to thank the band for coming into the home. We look forward to welcoming you back.”

If you’d like to work for Four Seasons, take a look at our current vacancies on our careers section.


28 Apr 2016

The weather has been a bit hit and miss recently, with April showers turning into April snow showers in some parts of the country. That hasn’t stopped everyone at Stanshawes Care Home in Yate from getting green fingered though.

The team brought the garden indoors, and helped residents plant some hanging baskets and potted displays to inject some colour into the home’s garden.

Eva William, Home Manager explained: “The indoor gardening was a fun activity. The residents enjoyed getting stuck in and creating lovely displays. Once all of the hard work was finished, the team took the ensembles outside and placed them in areas where they took pride of place. Hopefully when the weather improves, and is slightly less unpredictable we can take to the garden to enjoy them.”

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28 Apr 2016

Flower Park Care Home had an unexpected visitor last week in the shape of Stewart from Rotherham FM.

Angela Cooper, the Activities Coordinator from the home explained: “I contacted Rotherham FM regarding their car sticker competition. I never expected to hear back never mind see Stewart in the flesh. It was lovely meeting Stewart and the rest of the team, their arrival really made my day, even if I was a little nervous when asked to be interviewed on the radio.

“The residents really enjoyed seeing what behind the scenes was like at a local radio station too. It was nice to put a face to a name and a voice that we’ve all heard on the radio.

“I want to thank Stewart for visiting, please feel free to pop back into Flower Park anytime for a cup of tea.”

Would you like to work for Four Seasons? Take a look at our current vacancies on our careers section.

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