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4 Feb 2016

Hemsworth Park Care Home in Pontefract have been selected to take part in the Wakefield Vanguard projects launched by NHS England to help promote and develop pioneering new models of care.

There are two projects in the initiative which both aim to resolve different issues – the first to tackle loneliness and fragmented care by joining up services for older people. The second to develop ‘multi-speciality community provider’ – a new type of organisation that is registered to provide a wide range of health and social care services to people in the local community.

Hemsworth Park will be involved in tackling the fragmentation of care. There can be a high number of GPs used for just one home; the vanguard project will help reduce this number to minimise the fragmentation, save confusion and other issues that arise. The focus will be completely on the needs of residents and also the home as a whole but will in turn make life easier for employees at the home as they will know exactly who to contact and who is going to be able to assist much more efficiently.

Joy Allen, Home Manager, told us “The Vanguard project is designed to integrate care between the NHS, acute care sector and the private health care sector, and improve communication between each of these”.

All information about the project can be seen here – Vanguard Projects.

3 Feb 2016

As part of their Burns Night celebrations, Hallgarth Care Home in Durham joined together to celebrate Scottish heritage – they had a poetry club where they shared memories and spoke the poems of Robert Burns. The team also invited a local saxophonist to come in and perform some favourites for residents.

In the poetry club, they celebrated the birth of the famous Robert Burns. Everyone spoke about his life and loves – his life may have been short but he lived it to the full. To get everyone in the spirit, rooms were decorated with Scottish flags and photos throughout history. The team also made shortbread for everyone to enjoy whilst they listened to the saxophonist play.

Angela Muir, Care Home Home Manager, told us “We had a lovely afternoon celebrating Burns Night. The poems were great and prompted wide discussions on holidays in Scotland, the food and drink and various memories our residents have of Burns Night.”

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2 Feb 2016

To celebrate International Fun at Work Day, South Park Care Home in York decided to all dress in fancy dress for the day. The team all participated with a range of different outfits which were then judged by residents and relatives to choose who was best.

All the team took part in the day – some came dressed in their pyjamas, cowboys and even a 70’s style hippie. The residents were able to have a laugh with everyone and wanted to join in themselves. There was a strong judging panel that chose the best dressed. Norma Vine, Personal Activities Leader, won the competition and was presented with a prize by Mr Noel Guildford, resident at South Park, and his daughter Jane.

Joanne Fisher, Home Manager, told us “The fancy dress was a perfect way to celebrate Fun at Work Day. We all had a great time and so did the residents. Noel really enjoyed choosing the winner and presenting Norma with her prize. We continued the fun with a local singer who came in to perform for everyone”.

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1 Feb 2016

As part of the South East division’s internal awards scheme, Burgess Park Care Home in Camberwell have been recognised for their exceptional care. The care team in particular were put forward for the award as they work together in a determined effort to make Burgess Park a fun and enriching place for the residents.

The care team were presented with their award by Ian Buckland, Regional Manager, who expressed how proud he is of Burgess Park. The home has a real team spirit and each member of the team has played a significant part in building up the trust and confidence with colleagues alike.

Ian told us “The team work together to ensure the lives of the residents at Burgess Park are fulfilled with fun and enriching experiences. They are real winners which is why we have awarded them for this”.

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