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care home awards

28 Jul 2016

When Senior Care Assistant Kerran Fisher walked in to work at Campsie View Care Home in Glasgow, the last thing she expected was to receive an award which was a Recognition of Care and Kindness (ROCK) in the workplace.

Katy Jenks, Home Manager, presented Kerran with her award and said: “I want to congratulate Kerran on her award. She truly deserves this recognition.”

Kerran Fisher said: “I’m very humbled to receive this award. I want to thank the relative that nominated me. It really does mean a lot.”

A ROCK award is a nationwide honour that specifically highlights the impact a Four Season Health Care employee has made on the lives of people living in one of their care homes. An internal prize, staff are nominated for an award by either residents, their relatives or friends, who have witnessed or experienced staff members demonstrating excellent standards of care and kindness in their role.

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27 Jul 2016

There’s nothing nicer than relaxing in the garden, soaking up the rays. Residents at Hemsworth Park Care Home in Pontefract have been basking in this glorious summer weather, thanks to a kindly donation from a local Tesco store.

Joy Allen, Home Manager, explained: “Tesco very kindly decided to fund raise for Hemsworth Park Care Home. They raised over £100 in donations, which we used for more garden furniture so the residents can enjoy the sunshine! I want to thank the guys and girls at Tesco for fund raising for the home. The impact you’ve had on the residents has been fantastic. They can all sit outside and enjoy the sunshine now. Thank you once again.”

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27 Jul 2016

When Murdoch House Care Home in Wokingham entered into the local ‘Garden in Bloom’ competition, they knew they’d face some stiff competition.

The team and residents worked hard planting, de-weeding, tidying and pruning to ensure their garden looked the best when the competition judge came round.

Christine Tyrrell, Home Manager, said: “Everyone has worked really hard to get the garden up to this standard. We were really pleased when we were informed we’d won the Silver Prize in the care home section of the competition. Everyone was over joyed as the hours they’d spent putting their green fingers to good use really paid off. We now also have a beautiful garden that we can enjoy the rest of the summer in. It was definitely a win win situation.”

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care home awards

26 Jul 2016

Everyone at Clandeboye Care Home in Bangor has been urging Care Assistant Craig Hanna on, as he completes his journey to become a nurse.

Joanne Roy, Home Manager, said: “On behalf of the team and residents at Clandeboye I want to congratulate Craig on the progress he’s made so far on his journey to becoming a nurse. He’s completing all of his work in his own time as part of an Open University course, passing the first part of it with a distinction.

“Craig has been at Clandeboye for 4 years as a care assistant, and everyone at the home is so proud of him. We have everything crossed for him. Congratulations and good luck Craig.”

Are you looking for a care home in Bangor? Clandeboye Care Home provides support for all types of care including dementia care and nursing care.


26 Jul 2016

Deciding what career path we want to take can be daunting for any of us. Being able to have a taster, to see if we like a certain career can be vital, when making this important decision.

In Ilkeston, Cedars & Larches Care Home welcomed Rhiannon into their family with open arms. The student from Kirk Hallam Community Academy completed her work experience at the home after expressing an interest in the care sector.

Nina Wright, Home Manager, said: “It was a pleasure having Rhiannon for the week. She took part in a variety of different things in the home, covering various roles that the team fulfil. These included: daily activities, learning about health and safety, safeguarding and dietary needs to name a few.”

Rhiannon told us: “I really enjoyed my time at the home. I didn’t realise how many different roles there were in a care home, and it’s definitely given me some food for thought with regards to my future career. I want to thank everyone at the home for making me

Nina Wright added: “Rhiannon’s tutor Mr Hughes, popped in to see how she was getting on with her placement. He was really impressed with her work books, and said that her confidence had come on leaps and bounds. It’s safe to say that Rhiannon has made everyone proud.”

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