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7 Jun 2016

Residents from Bishopsmead Lodge Care Home in Bristol have been supervising members of the team, giving them helpful suggestions as they prepare the garden in anticipation for the upcoming summer garden party.

Francaise Miles, Home Manager, said: “The garden has been cleared of weeds and some new flowers have already been planted. The patio has been washed and cleaned and our residents are enjoying sitting out in the sun and watching the transformation take place.”

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7 Jun 2016

Residents from Henderson House Care Home in Dalgety Bay were treated to a very special trip out last week.

The team at the home made the most of the beautiful weather and took the residents out to Aberdour.

Stewart MacDonald, Home Manager, explained: “It’s not very often we get beautiful weather in Fife, so when it’s here it’s important that we make the most of it. Some of the team and the residents went out for a ‘chippy tea’ in Aberdour. The residents loved it. For some of them it brought back memories of their younger years when they travelled to Silversands Beach for family trips out.

“I hope we enjoy a lot more warmer weather in the weeks to come. I can’t wait to see what other special resident experiences the team has up their sleeve.”

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7 Jun 2016

The Cedars & Larches Care Home in Ilkeston assisted Patrick McDermott, a resident at the home in attending his wife, Joan’s funeral.

This was understandably a sad day for Mr McDermott, but after the service, he got to meet members of his family who had travelled all the way from Ireland to pay their respects to Joan.

Personal Activities Leader, Alison, said: “I was with Mr McDermott throughout the whole day. Although the day started in a sombre mood, it soon became a day of joy and laughter and a chance to reminisce about happier times. Patrick got to see his brothers and nieces again which was a lovely sight to behold.”

Before Patrick returned to Cedars & Larches he went back to a neighbour’s house that used to live on the same street for many years at Patrick and Joan.

Alison added, “When Patrick returned from his old street he was full of stories of what him and Joan used to get up to. His eyes lit up every time he spoke about her.”


6 Jun 2016

Balancing keeping fit and going to work can be a struggle for some of us. However, the team at Campsie View Care Home in Glasgow seem to have found the perfect balance.

Katy Jenks, Home Manager, explains: “Here at Campsie View some of the team are constantly on diets, and are always saying that they need motivation to lose weight, but don’t have the time due to the shifts some of them work. With that in mind, I spoke to Allana Park, a local personal trainer, who now visits the home one day a week and runs a keep fit class. This was initially for the team, however, word soon spread and now some of our resident’s relatives also come in for Allana’s class. Since the start of this keep fit class the team has seemed happier here which has had a knock on effect on our residents.”

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6 Jun 2016

Holybourne Day Centre in London has definitely embraced flower power, after teaming up with a charity who recycle flowers and create beautiful new arrangements.

Christine Smith, Day Centre Manager, said: “The charity delivers the flowers free of charge to care homes, day centers and hospitals to help brighten up people’s days. As well as working with the local charity we have also been working closely with Randall Close Day Centre ensuring that the individuals we care for get special experiences, and can experience it alongside other people they may not see on a regular basis.

“Building relationships with organisations in the local community is vitally important to us here at Holybourne. We do our upmost to ensure the people we care for get everything they need, not only from a care perspective but from a personal and social perspective. We’ve got more plans up our sleeve so watch this space.”

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