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29 Jun 2016

Nine competitors from Laurels Lodge Care Home in Woodside donned the colours of Argentina, and set off to Aberdeen Sports Village with their trust mascot Diego to take part in the Golden Games.

The event took place on Thursday 9th June, and saw the team from Laurels Lodge pitted against 5 other care homes in the area. The theme this year was countries, and saw Argentina pitted against Sweden, Australia, Great Britain, Mexico and Ireland.

Each team had to complete the five games, including; football, weightlifting, curling, fishing and basketball, scoring a number of points. These points combined identified the overall winner of the games.

A spokeswoman from the Golden Games said: “Participants usually start off really nice to each other. Then they see the medals and then its game on. Niceness is replaced by competitiveness. It’s great that we can run events like this that keep the over 65s active.”

Sheila Gesma, Home Manager, said: “Laurels Lodge has been actively participating in the Golden Games for 4 consecutive years now and this is something that we all look forward to every year. The sense of pride, happiness and fulfillment that we see in our residents’ faces is priceless, we are all very proud of their achievements”

Laurels Lodge were the winners of the weightlifting competition, raising a staggering 278 reps between them!

Jan Craig, Asda Community Life Champion, joined the team on the day after awarding Laurels Lodge with £200 from Asda’s Charity fund. Jan said: “I had a lovely time at the games they had me in stitches and they were very competitive.”

The members of Team Laurels Lodge were residents Lillian Cameron, Annie Cleavin, Robert Thom, Rose Irene Mckenzie and William Sivewright, Marlene Smith (Personal Activities Leader), Jenny Watt (Care Assistant), Rachel Tucker (Student Nurse) and Jan Craig (ASDA Community Life Champion).


29 Jun 2016

The team at Adeline House Care Home in Doncaster pulled out all of the stops as part of their Care Home Open Day celebrations.

Gail Bullock, Care Home Manager, explained: “We welcomed the local community into our home, but we wanted to do something a little bit different. We wanted to show how fun living at Adeline House could be, so the team got dressed up in a variety of outfits, and had a ‘day of dance event’.

“Each team member dressed up to suit a certain dance style, so we had flamenco, country and western and a hippo ballerina, from the film Fantasia. Everyone had a fantastic time. The residents and visitors enjoyed a lovely buffet, some Mr Whippy ice cream and lots of unique dance routines.

“I can’t wait for next years event.”

Care Home Open Day is a UK wide initiative inviting care homes to open their doors to their local communities. Events like the one at Adeline House Care Home will help to create lasting links between the residents and their local community.

Care Home Open Day is all about showing people what care homes are really about and how they can be at the centre of the local community, developing relationships across the generations.

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29 Jun 2016

Dounemount Care Home in Macduff have been looking after some very precious cargo for the past few weeks, as they’ve watched their hungry little caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies.

Kay Robertson, Home Manager, explained: “The team and residents here at Dounemount have been taking extra special care of the cocoons, in a special butterfly mesh container. Once the butterflies hatched out of their cocoons, the residents and team set them free in our garden. It was a lovely sight to see. Hopefully, we’ll see the butterflies making the most of the beautiful flowers in our garden.”

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28 Jun 2016

Football Fever has gripped the nation, with everyone eager to see where their national team will end up in the Euro 2016 competition.

Everyone at Whittington Care Home in Chesterfield, have been routing for the England team, to make headway in the competition.

Wendy Johnson, Home Manager, said: “Although it’s a shame that England were knocked out of the competition last night, everyone here at Whittington still had a fun time supporting them. We understand that football isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s amazing how everyone in the home has got behind the national team.

“Fingers crossed we’ll play better in the next competition.”

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28 Jun 2016

A new resident has hopped his way to Doncaster and made Adeline House his forever home.

Gail Bullock, Care Home Manager, said: “Animals can help residents to relax, and can ebb away people’s stresses. We bought Mr Brambles, the rabbit for our residents, but he’s definitely hit it off with the team as well. Mr Brambles loves his cuddles and getting attention, and he’s getting that in abundance from everyone at Adeline House.

“If anyone would like to hop over and visit, Mr Brambles would certainly like to meet you.”

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