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22 Mar 2016

92% of residents at Botham Hall Care Home in Huddersfield are happy at the home. The recent action packed activities calendar, demonstrates why.

Everyone at the home has a ball, when regular pet therapy dog Benji comes to visit. Whether the residents pet him or play with him Benji is always happy to see the residents and the team.

Christina Halonka, Home Manager said: “We’re all very taken with Benji here, especially Mr and Mrs Norcliffe who are often first in line when Benji comes to visit. Benji even participated in our movie afternoon we ran for the residents, complete with cinema snacks. All in all a lovely afternoon was had by all.”

When Benji isn’t around other activities are run to keep the residents busy. These activities range from baking, a crisp and wine evening, exercise sessions, arts and crafts afternoons and reading sessions. Recently, a local dance troupe came in to entertain the residents, some of whom wanted to show off their own moves.

Residents also get the chance to go out and about. The most recent trip was to the local village hall for a ‘Memory Day’.

Christina Halonka added: “It’s been a busy few weeks here at Botham Hall. All the team here love what they do and all of our hard work was rewarded with a good Care Quality Commission Report, which I am really pleased about. We also received an award from CareHome.co.uk with regards to the number of reviews we’ve received on their website. We love it here and the residents make it a joy for us to come to work. I look forward to a very bright future here at Botham Hall.”

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22 Mar 2016

Hartwell Care Home in Ecclesfield has treated residents to a World Food Night. Italian and Chinese dishes – as well as other countries culinary delights – were served to residents over a number of evenings. Residents were able to treat themselves to their firm favourites and try other dishes that they may not usually order.

Maria Whittaker, Care Home Home Manager said: “World food night was a big hit with our residents and catered for everyone’s needs, including our fussy eaters. No matter what food was served nothing was left on any of the plates."

Food hasn’t been the only thing on the menu for the residents at Hartwell. Residents were whisked off to Kansas before following the yellow brick road, during a movie night – accompanied by a full range of snacks.

Other activities have included a quiz (getting residents to guess the film or the song), musical bingo, a games afternoon and a pamper session.

Maria Whittaker added: “Music has played a big part in recent activities here at Hartwell. The residents and the team offered a warm welcome to local performer Janet Pilkington who plays the ukulele. Her performance was very energetic and fully involved the residents. It’s great to see the residents here in Hartwell having such a fantastic time and activities like these explain why we have 100% rating when it comes to our residents being happy here.”

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22 Mar 2016

Residents at The Lodge Care Home in Killamarsh have been kept entertained by all of the activities provided by the activities coordinator and the rest of the team at the home.

Not a day goes by without an activity. Whether this is a friendly game of bingo, a topical quiz, an afternoon of board games, arts and crafts afternoons, domino championships or entertainment and dancing, residents always have something to look forward to.

The home has recently invested in some new activities to further engage residents. The team have invested in a throw and tell ball, which has the residents answering whatever question/statement is facing upwards once the ball has been thrown or rolled.

Janet McVeigh, Home Manager said: “The throw and tell ball is proving to be very popular with our residents. It’s great to have a little trip down memory lane as residents remember things like; ‘what their favourite toy was’, ‘ a car they remember’, ‘a soap opera I’d watch’. This game can spark further conversations between residents and the team alike, such as discussion around the latest plot twists in television dramas.

“Another new arrival has been our therapy doll. The doll is very effective as it can soothe and comfort our residents who have dementia.”

There are lots of activities planned for The Lodge in the next few weeks. One headline act being the local entertainer Stevie Moore, who is coming to help the residents have a ‘good old knees up’ to celebrate some special events.

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22 Mar 2016

Last week saw Pellon Care Centre in Halifax, roll out the red carpet for its longest residing resident.

Tom has been a resident at the home for the past 15 years, and everybody celebrated this with a party, complete with a lovely cake. Tom was even served his favourite meal – a roast chicken dinner – to make his day extra special.

Laura Clegg, Home Manager said: “It was great to celebrate with Tom and all of his friends here at Pellon. It’s fantastic to see that even after all this time we can still surprise him. Tom is a great resident, and I look forward to the next 15 years together.”

After seeing what’s been happening at the home over the last few weeks, it isn’t hard to see why Tom and the other residents enjoy living here.

Laura Clegg explained: “The past few weeks have been extremely busy for everyone here at the home. The residents and their relatives have been casting their artistic eye over the home helping us to redecorate, everyone loves the new colour themes.

“Other recent activities have included a cinema afternoon, an afternoon baking delights and a Zumba class in which some of the female residents put us to shame!”

The home is currently in the midst of planning a number of fundraising events, so the residents can be treated to extra special trips out. Some of the staff are walking the extra mile – or 26 to be exact – during a sponsored walk.

Laura Clegg added: “We’ve got another busy few weeks ahead of us. I can’t wait. Watch this space!”

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21 Mar 2016

Balmoral Care Home in Sheffield has its own stage star caring for residents.

Team member Lizzie returned to the home at the beginning of the year following her stint on stage at the Lyceum Theatre in ‘An Inspector Calls’.

Lizzie said: “The show was fantastic and was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I’m glad to be back at Balmoral, seeing all the lovely residents and sharing my stories with them.”

Music and performing has been key in the home over the last few weeks. The team ran their very own music week, which saw residents attending a singing group at a local church and enjoying a 1950s inspired karaoke afternoon. Local entertainer Terry Todd brought a hint of sparkle during his old time music sing-a-long.

The residents took a trip to the Lyceum, alas not to see Lizzie perform. Instead they took part in their very own tea dance, where a good time was had by all.

Back at the home, residents celebrated a 96th birthday with singing and dancing. On another quieter day, a coffee, cream cake and scone morning was the ideal start for an afternoon of bingo and quizzes.

Lynn Hawkins, Regional Manager said: “At Balmoral the rooms have been buzzing with the sound of music. It’s great to hear the residents having such a fantastic time, and all encouraging each other to join in. At one point the karaoke session could have turned into a scene from the X Factor, but importantly everyone had a fantastic time. Some of the resident’s voices are amazing!”

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