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31 May 2016

The children of Siskin Junior School in Gosport have been visiting Woodcot Lodge Care Home, providing entertainment and company for the residents.

Vickie Wylde, Home Manager, said: “The residents have thoroughly enjoyed the time the children have spent with them. One resident, Joyce, really shines when the children come in. It’s lovely to see all of the resident’s faces light up as they feed off the children’s energy. I want to thank the pupils and staff as Siskin Junior School for taking the time to come and visit us.”

Clarice, a pupil at Siskin wrote “I love going to Woodcot. The residents are very very amazing. It is even greater hearing stories about their lives, while I have been here, I have loved it. All the residents are lovely. We also enjoyed going in the garden and playing with all the residents.”

Bethan, another Siskin pupil wrote an open letter to our residents saying “Dear residents, I enjoyed coming to Woodcot and doing games with you. I wish I could do it again sometime. You are the best people I have ever met. One thing I do love is the beautiful garden, it is fantastic. Thank you everyone”.

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31 May 2016

Everyone likes to take the time to reminisce about times gone by. About the things we used to do when we were younger. Whether that was popping down to the market, or catching up with friends at the pub, memories are always nice to look back on.

The team at North Court Care Home in Bury St. Edmonds, recognise how important it is for residents to relive a little bit of their youth, and remember what things were like back in their day.

Last week the home officially opened its Memory Lane Corridor, enabling residents to literally take a trip down memory lane. The corridor leads to a tea room where the residents and sit down and relax, but they’re also able to visit the hairdressers and the ‘pawn shop’ on the way.

Joanne Moses, Home Manager, said: “It has taken us a little while to get this corridor just right, but the reaction from the residents has made all of the hard work worthwhile. Before this project started we asked the residents about what they remembered, and if they could take a trip down memory lane, what would they like to see. The feedback resulted in everything you see in the corridor.

“The residents can’t wait to show off this area of the home to their family and friends. Some of them have now said they’ll be able to show their grandchildren exactly what it was like in Grandma’s Day.”


31 May 2016

Jennifer Rayner, Personal Activites Leader at Amelia House Care Home in York, is following in the footsteps of her late father by returning to his old climbing routes. Jenny explains how retracing his steps has made her feel closer to the man she remembers.

Martin Rayner's diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer's disease at the age of 52 came as a devastating shock. His family had noticed some changes in his behaviour: he would struggle to concentrate and on a few significant occasions seemed uncharacteristically forgetful.

It became clear something was definitely wrong when the devoted walker and mountain climber started to lose his bearings.

Jenny explains: "He started losing concentration and not understanding where he was. He lost hisa sense of awareness. He would go out wandering and forget where he was going. That wasn't my dad.

“When dad was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease, he went into shock. It was very upsetting. He realised he couldn't go out walking anymore, that really had an effect on him.”

Martin's condition quickly declined and heartbreakingly he forgot most of the life he’d had after his twenties. While he remembered his wife Muriel, he stopped recognising Jenny.

Three years after his diagnosis, Martin sadly died from pneumonia. He was only 55 years old.

Jenny struggles to reconcile the difference between the father she knew and the person he became as a result of the disease. Soon after her father's death Jenny took up his hobby of walking.

"I wasn't into walking until he passed away and then I started getting the bug," she said, "My mum showed me lots of pictures of him walking."

With the aid of diaries he had kept, she set about retracing her father's footsteps on his many adventures.

"It's bringing back my dad's memory," Jennifer said, "I'm gutted I couldn't do these walks with him. It's quite poignant. When I go on walks I feel close to him. You feel like he is sat beside you."

After her mum found a picture of Martin on the challenging Amphitheatre Buttress climb in Wales, Jennifer has become determined to complete the climb, with plans to complete it on her 40th birthday in July in aid of Alzheimer’s Society.

"Of course being the adventurous type I thought I would give it a go in his honour," Jennifer said, "It will be a tough challenge but it’s great to know that I will be raising funds to help support people to live well with dementia today and fund research to find a cure for tomorrow."

We'll keep you updated with Jenny's progress.


30 May 2016

Adeline House Care Home in Doncaster got into the swing of Dementia Awareness week by holding a themed tea party for people to come and find out about dementia.

Gail Bullock, Care Home Manager, said: “Everyone who attended the tea party had a great time. We welcomed some local people from the community, who came in and spoke to our residents and their families about what it’s like living with dementia. The team looked like hostesses with the mostest as they served afternoon tea. It was a great way to raise awareness of dementia.”

Not content with just having a lovely afternoon tea, some of the residents visited a local ice cream truck to get another helping of sweet treats.

Gail Bullock added: “The residents all enjoyed their 99’s. It was a lovely simple way to end the day.”

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30 May 2016

Bishopsmead Lodge Care Home in Bristol was overcome by a competitive atmosphere last week, as residents and the team went head to head during the home’s games day.

A number of games and activities were played throughout the day, with the winner notching up points based on the number of games they won.

Francaise Miles, Home Manager, said: “The residents and the team really got into the spirit of the games. I’ve never seen so much competition in the home before, everyone was trying to psyche the other out, and the banter was flowing. It was a fantastic thing to watch and enjoy.

“One of the games we played was Snakes and Ladders, a regular pastime activity for our residents. However, there could only be one champion, and that honour went to Mrs Veronica Wride. I can’t wait to see if Veronica can keep her crown at the next games day.”

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