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27 Sep 2016

Galgorm Care Home’s garden in Ballymena won first prize at the prestigious Northern Ireland Amenity Council Awards.

The home entered their garden into ‘The Best Kept’ Category after making a number of improvements ensuring the residents had lots to do and a nice space to relax in the fresh air.

Lisa McDonald, Home Manger, said: “I’m so proud of all of the team here at Galgorm. This award is very well deserved as it recognises all of the hard work everyone put in to enhance the garden for the residents in our care. I want to thank the team and volunteers who worked tirelessly to achieve a beautiful patio area for our residents that they can use as and when they please.”

Everyone at Four Seasons congratulates your success Galgorm Care Home. Your garden looks lovely.

Are you looking for a care home in Ballymena? Galgorm Care Home provides support for all types of care including residential care, nursing care, respite care, specialist care, end of life/palliative care and intermediate care.


27 Sep 2016

Residents from Hallgarth Care Home in Durham went on the search for ice cream on a recent trip out.

Angela Muir, Home Manager, explained: “The residents spent a lovely afternoon at Herrington Country Park chatting to passers-by and picnickers, whilst tucking into tea and cake whilst watching the world go by. Before venturing down to the dock, feeding the ducks and attempting to pick the winner of a model boat race. Although in the end we still don’t know who won, even the gentleman racing them weren’t sure either. Before returning to Hallgarth for tea, the residents found the elusive ice cream van which made their outing complete.”

Are you looking for a care home in Durham? Hallgarth Care Home provides support for all types of care including residential care, nursing care, respite care, end of life/palliative care and intermediate care.

care homes provider wins award

26 Sep 2016

Four Seasons Health Care has become overall winner of the UK Customer Experience Awards for 2016. It was chosen by the judges ahead of more than 750 companies across all sectors of industry for its Quality of Life programme that has helped to achieve customer satisfaction levels of over 97% in its care homes. Four Seasons was also winner in the award category for “Insight and Feedback – A Focus on Understanding.”

Charlotte Oppong-Agyare, Marketing Director for Four Seasons, said: “It is a huge endorsement for Quality of Life to have been selected as the best customer experience programme in the UK and it’s a credit to the 20,000 people in our care teams who have used it to listen to the 16,000 residents in our homes to understand how we can give them a better experience and make them happy.”

The Quality of Life Programme uses technology that is exclusive to Four Seasons to give insights into the day to day experience of people in more than 300 care homes. Residents, their families and health professionals can use iPads that are linked to purpose-designed software systems, to tell the company what they think about any aspect of care. The information is transmitted in real time to the Home Manager and Regional Manager. This is very different from the paper-based surveys conducted across the industry once or twice a year, where feedback is usually out of date by the time it is collated.

Charlotte Oppong-Agyare said: “Since we introduced the programme into all of our homes last year our average customer satisfaction rating has increased from 92% to its current level of just over 97%. Among our Home Managers 90% say it has reduced paperwork freeing up to eight hours a week of their time, which can now be spent with their care teams and residents. They also say the programme has helped to drive a culture change, with 95% saying it has encouraged care teams to take ownership and resolve small issues as they are found.”

Since its launch seven years ago, The UK Customer Experience Awards has become one of the most important events for customers experience professionals. The Awards are judged by panels of independent business men and women, using scoring methodology and criteria, endorsed by Cranfield School of Management.

care homes provider wins customer service award


26 Sep 2016

Benholm Care Home in Forfar turned into a battle ground as residents took part in a dominoes championship.

Marion Davis, Home Manager, said: “The residents were trying to psyche each other out as they all tried to become the Benholm Dominoes Champion. The contest was closely fought, although there were allegations of cheating as Madge was observed bending the rules a few times to win her three games. Discussions are on-going with regards to a rematch."

Are you looking for a care home in Forfar? Benholm Care Home provides support for all types of care including residential care, dementia care, nursing care, respite care, end of life/palliative care and intermediate care.


26 Sep 2016

Gardening is an activity that many of our residents enjoy.

As a result of their green fingers, the homes benefit from a variety of home grown fruit and vegetables.

At Flower Park Care Home in Doncaster, residents have been spending a lot more time in the garden, not only harvesting their tomatoes but also finding a space for the new garden ornament – a Tour de Yorkshire bike!

Amanda Searle, Home Manager, said: “Doncaster Council surprised the residents by donating one of the bikes used to decorate the area for the Tour de Yorkshire to the home. The plan is to use it as a garden feature and the resident are currently deciding what else should accompany it. They’re enjoying having a piece of history in their back garden.”

Are you looking for a care home in Doncaster? Flower Park Care Home provides support for all types of care including dementia care and nursing care.

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