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2 Apr 2017

A special card landed on the mat at Tudor Grange Care Home in Radcliffe-on-Trent as one of their residents celebrated turning 100.

Ron celebrated his 100th year with his family, friends and the care team.

Anita Wyke, Home Manager, said: “We all had a lovely day celebrating Ron’s birthday. He’s a lovely man although he didn’t want us all making a fuss. After all it’s only another day in the year. Happy birthday again Ron. It was a pleasure celebrating this special day with you.”

The centurion, was humbled when he opened her birthday card from the Queen, and offered to send her a slice of birthday cake to say thank you.

Everyone at Four Season’s wishes you many happy returns Ron.


2 Apr 2017

Sunday 26th saw mothers across the UK being thanked as people celebrated Mothering Sunday. At Hallgarth Care Home in Durham, the care team held a slight twist to this lovely day, celebrating all of the ladies in the home, making them feel special.

Angela Muir, Home Manager, said: “Here at Hallgarth all of our ladies are special and are part of our family. On Mothering Sunday we celebrated by giving a button hole to each lady from a local florist. Each buttonhole was different and unique but beautiful, just like our lovely ladies. The button holes were worn with pride. Happy Ladies Day from everyone at Hallgarth.”

Are you looking for a care home in Durham? Hallgarth offers support for all types of care including residential care, nursing care, respite care, end of life/palliative care and intermediate care.


2 Apr 2017

What better excuse is there to dress up, do funny sports and enjoy a nice bit of cake, all for a good cause of course.

This was exactly what residents, relatives and the care team at Dounemount Care Home in Macduff did.

Kay Robertson, Home Manager, said: “Everyone had a lot of fun on Red Nose Day. We all dressed up with our red noses, enjoyed cakes and home bakes, and ran the calories off doing various sports as part of a sports day run by our very own Personal Activities Leader Angela Walker. There were smiles galore as everyone enjoyed themselves, and what’s more we raised a bit of cash for a worthy cause.”

Are you looking for a care home in Macduff? Dounemount offers support for all types of care including residential care, nursing care, respite care, end of life/palliative care and specialist care.


2 Apr 2017

Daniel Oliveira is a resident experience care specialist. He is a finalist at this year’s Student Nursing Times Awards, in the category of post-graduate learner of the year. Daniel has previously been a finalist at the Nursing Times Awards, Randox Health Awards and FSHC’s internal Awards.

I concluded my Nursing Degree in Portugal and I am proud to be able to say that I was one of the first Portuguese nurses recruited by Four Seasons Health Care in 2012. I began my career in Four Seasons Healthcare in January of 2012, as a Staff Nurse in Oakridge Care Home in Northern Ireland. Within nine months, I moved to Sedbury Park Care Home in Wales taking up the post as an Acting Charge Nurse.

I returned to Northern Ireland in March of 2013, and took a position as a Clinical Lead in Lecale Lodge Care Home and over the following two years I was able to take part in the development of several projects, including opening a new Mental Health Unit. By September of 2015 I was supported to take-up my first Acting Home Manager position in Woodgrove Care Home.

Six months later, in March of 2016, I took on a new role as a Clinical Manager in one of the biggest care homes in the Northern Ireland region; Bangor Care Home. The 90+ bedded home had four units that specialised in older people, dementia and learning disability. I was excited by the challenge of leading colleagues to drive quality and deliver special resident experiences. With experience in home management, clinical management and quality leadership I decided to embark on a new challenge. I wanted to use the skills I had learned in older people’s nursing, dementia care, mental health care and learning disability nursing to help others in my region to optimise the care they provide for our residents.

By October of 2016, the opportunity arose for me to join the Northern Ireland Resident Experience Team as a Care Specialist. As a Resident Experience Care Specialist, my work is focused in providing support to our portfolio of almost 60 care homes in Northern Ireland – I can apply all the amazing experiences that I have acquired in my past roles across the whole region. Over these past five years I was lucky enough to work with excellent professionals, dedicated staff but above all amazing Residents – I have learnt so much from each and every one of them. I am very thankful for all the opportunities and different experiences which FSHC has provided me.

I am passionate about older people’s nursing and the different ways which we can improve each individual experience in our Care Homes. I believe that the most successful stories in FSHC are made by someone inspirational who has provided an unforgettable experience for our residents, their families and the surrounding community. FSHC has empowered me to believe that I too can make a difference. This is indeed one of the main reasons that I have decided to go back into education, to pursue my Masters in Advance Clinical Practice in Nursing at Queen’s University Belfast. I believe that by furthering my knowledge I will be confident and better skilled to truly lead teams into excelling themselves. I aspire to be inspirational to every member of our teams.

I can provide them with all the tools necessary to truly deliver their best and to be an integral part of successful stories. Although it is not easy to study and work at the same time, my motto is to apply, on a daily basis, the skills which the Masters’ course is giving me. It does help me to understand theoretical concepts to a whole different level, and I am so fortunate to be able to do this. The nomination for the Student Nursing Times Awards, in the Learner of the Year: Post-registration category came as a shock - but also as a delightful surprise! I feel so humble and proud, but above all responsible, to be able to validate that a Care Home Registered Nurse is actively contributing to the evolution of our role in the society.


1 Apr 2017

Residents and the care team at Elizabeth Fleming Care Home in Hetton-le-Hole had lots of fun raising money for Comic Relief last week.

Lorraine Woods, Home Manager, explained: “We had lots of fun with red noses and deely boppers. Then at 3pm on the dot everyone joined in with a huge sing along singing Sing by The Carpenters. There were some fantastic voices, so much so, we’re considering entering into Britain’s Got Talent. A great day was had by all and we managed to raise some money for a worthy cause.”

Are you looking for a care home in Hetton-le-Hole? Elizabeth Fleming offers support for all types of care including dementia care, respite care, specialist care, end of life/palliative care and intermediate care.

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